Thursday, December 10, 2009

O-M-G where have I been!? I havent blogged in a month!! This is not good! Something will surely be left out after waiting this long!

Well we are SO ready for Christmas at The Harvey House! All the decorations are up and all gifts are bought, wrapped, and under the tree! I am so excited for everyone to get their gifts! I love buying gifts for other people! Well, I just love shopping in general, I dont really care who I'm buying for! Ha!

Thanksgiving just kind of came and went for us. I had to work the day of thanksgiving and the day after so we were not able to go to any of our families get togethers! It was sad. The first Thanksgiving I have missed in 22years! Hudson was at my moms since it was her week to babysit. So we let her take him home with her so she could get everything ready for dinner at her house. Alex and I had our own little dinner here at home together.

We have a very busy schedule for Christmas having to go to 4 different families who all live in 4 different places. Its going to be alot of time in the car Im thinking! Im scared to see what all Hudson is going to get!! LOL

Hudson is walking everywhere now! He is saying MaMa, DaDa, UhOh and Ella. He is so funny. He is eating lots of big boy food now too! He has 3 bottom teeth and 2 on there way on top! Alex and I are enjoying every minute we have with Hudson. He is the best thing that has ever happen to us! Even though we missed Thanksgiving, we didnt forget to remind ourselves of all the things we are thankful for. God has blessed us in so many ways!

Here are some recent pictures of my little fam! Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

5 Question Friday!

I am so LOVING Kasey's blog, she is introducing me to a whole new blog world! LOL

Every Friday she does "5 Question Friday" So I am participating this week!

1. What is your dream job?

HOUSE WIFE! LOL Well, I LOVE my job, but my DREAM job would be something that you dont have to work very many hours a week but you get paid alot of money. So if anyone knows what that is, and if I can be it. Let me know.

2. What song could you play over and over?
Held- Natalie Grant. Beautiful song and I LOOOVEEE it! I love so many songs though... especially old school country songs that you know ALL the words to even though you havent heard it in like years! And I love anything by The Fray. And BTW Kasey, I have heard that song and your right, its the bomb! I love it too!

3. Do you prefer to talk on the phone or text (or email)?
I LOVE text messaging. Most of the time someone will call me and I wont answer. But if they text me right after, Ill text back. Its hard talking on the phone with a kid, they like to get loud and crazy right when the phone gets to your ear! LOL

4. What is your must have beauty product?
Mascara for sure. Cant leave the house without it!

5. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
THRILLER!!!!!!!!! For the same reason as Kasey, pom squad and cheerleading dances!! SO much fun!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hudson's 1st Halloween!!

WELL, I searched and searched for Hudson the perfect costume. I really wanted him to be a monkey. Then my mom called me one day and she was in Old Navy and found a lion costume.. I told her to get it! I know ALOT of babies are lion's for their 1st Halloween. But I couldnt help it, it was too cute.

Friday morning Hudson had his 9 month check up... He is 22lbs 8oz! And 29 inches tall! Such a big boy! He has done so much this past weekend too! He has been jabbering baby talk for a while but nothing specific. Well all of the sudden he just woke up one morning talking! He says Dadadadadadadadadadada... its so cute! Then he said ELLA! My mom used to joke all the time that Ella would be his first word because we say her name so much. (Ella is my yorkie for those of you who are thinking WHO THE HECK IS ELLA) When he said it, it sounded like Lella, LOL! All I could do was laugh because it was so crazy and precious! Everything new that he learns almost brings me to tears because its so sweet. I just love him so much. I cannot explain it. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a healthy baby.

So Saturday night we got Hudson in his lion costume and my brother came out, and our friend Lindsay and her husband and their 2 little boys, and my friend Kelley! I made tacos and cheese dip and halloween cookies! The boys played like wild hooligans of course! Their youngest son, Colby, was also a lion and Dawson was a skeleton! Hudson loves other kids! He had the best time following them around and playing! We had lots of trick or treators come by! Ella chewed them all out of course.

On Sunday we just layed around and enjoyed each other. We got out the video camera and filmed Hudson playing and talking! He has been taking a few steps here and there but nothing major. Well while we were filming he took 10 STEPS!! Yes, 10!!! Ever since then he takes 6-10 steps randomly throughout the day! He is just getting so big!

I went to work on Monday and just felt yucky. I had felt yucky over the weekend too but just blew it off. But Monday at work I was just feeling worse. I talked to one of the Dr's and he ordered some blood work to be done. After getting that back signs pointed to an infection, and anemia! I had a low grade fever so they sent me home. Mom was at our house watching Hudson so I told her to go ahead and take him home with her just in case I was contagious. I layed in bed all afternoon and woke up at 4 this morning feeling horrible. So I called in to work. I went to see my Primary Care Doctor today and turns out I have a bladder infection. I got a Rocephin shot and some oral antibiotics. So hopefully I will be able to go to work tomorrrow, I hate missing. When I miss one day its like missing a day and a half for the average person since mine are 12 hours shifts. Plus I just feel bad because I know they are super busy! I have been sleeping all day. Alex has been taking care of me :) He got me some juices and medicine at walmart last night, gave me a back rub, and rented me some movies! He came home and fixed me lunch and now is cooking supper. I am lucky to have him! Hudson will be coming home tomorrow since I know I am not contagious! I just hope I dont have to take care of any flu patients tomorrow! My doctor said she recommended that I stay home because my Lymphocytes were so low which means my immune system is low and more succeptible of getting sick! Ahh!

Well here are some pictures from our Halloween weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


My friend Kasey awarded me a blog award!! YAY FOR MEE!! I was so excited to be picked! Thanks Kasey!!

So, when awarded the award, there are a few rules!

1)You must thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it.
2) You must share "10 Honest Things" about yourself.
3) You have to present this award to others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4) Last, you must tell those people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

10 Honest Things About Myself..

1)I truely LOVE being a nurse. And I dont mind all the yucky/nasty parts of it either.
2) I have one of the cutest kids in the world (just being honest)
3) I love to cook!
4) I love having people over and cookouts for football games and the superbowl and I try to pretend like I enjoy watching football games. But I really couldnt care less! I just want to know who won and who lost, dont care to watch it!
5) I love to shop, and I love to buy things for other people! Im a big gift giver!
6) I want to have 3 kids... and I think it would be awesome to adobt a child.
7) I want to go back to school already. Iv already applied.
8) My brother and I have a really close relationship that I love :)
9) I act like things dont bother me alot, but I really do get my feelings hurt easily
10) I am a strong Christian and God leads my life :)

Now I will award my people!

Megan Wilson
Megan and I are friends through a friend and she has the CUTEST little girl! I love reading her blog and seeing cute pictures of their little family outings!

Jessica Copeland
I have been following Jessica's blog since she started!! Her and Craigen have the CUTEST little boy!! You all need to go and look at his halloween costume!! Precious! She also is on top of this flu season prevention and she posted some good tips if you have kids! Their son Cash and Hudson are almost the same age.. I think they are a month apart! So I enjoying seeing her pictures and post's about Cash growing because Hudson is right behind him!

Jodie Waldron has a beautiful 2 month old baby girl!! She is so adorable and her pictures are too cute! She is a new blogger and I really enjoy her posts!

MckMamma, I know will not be able to reply to this post because she is very busy with her sick baby right now. If you do not follow this blog it is a MUST. Her son, Stellan, is ill with a heart defect and her blog is so inspiring. My heart is so heavy for their family and I pray for them daily. She is such a strong mother and wife. And she has beautiful children. Little Stellan is a miracle and it is very rewarding to be able to be involved in her story.

I believe that is all I am going to award! Many of the other ones I follow have either already been awarded or dont blog often enough to care about participating I assume! I hope you all enjoy!!! Thanks again Kasey!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The weather has been so nice (minus all the rain) lately! I love the cooler weather and the excitement of fall clothes! Hudson has so many cute outfits that I have been so anxious for him to wear! I, on the other hand have NOTHING! Last year at this time all I wore were jogging suits because I was big and preggo! So I have cleaned out my closet and am ready to refill it! I have been saving up some extra cash so that I can splurge a little. :) Alot of new things have taken place in the Harvey House lately!

Hudson is growing like a weed! He stands up all by him self and has really good balance! He will take a couple of steps if you are close to him or if he wants something close to him but thats it. I think he could walk if he wanted to but he's just not ready, and Im not going to rush him! He is already into EVERYTHING as it is! He waves "Bye Bye" and claps his hands too! It is so cute! We took him to the Pumpkin Patch here in LR this past weekend! It was too cute. It was Alex's first time to ever go also! We looked at the animals in the petting zoo and Alex fed them some food, Hudson was amazed! Then we road the hay ride, Hudson wasnt really aware that we were being pulled by a tractor and all! He was too involved with waving at the other little kids and playing in his diaper bag HA! But it was neat, this place has a Christmas Tree farm too so the hay ride took us down through all the trees! Hudson got to pick out a free pumpkin from the bucket of little ones. Then Alex and I picked out to large ones to carve! It took forever to pick out the pumpkins! Alex was running around that place wild! Picking up every pumpkin and checking it out! Those of you who know him well can picture this Im certain! Hudson and I decided to sit at the picnic tables and have a yogurt snack while Daddy looked around! Finally he found the perfect 2! Unfortunately I didnt check my camera batteries before we left and realized that it was dead once we arrived. SO ANNOYING!!! So the only pictures I have are from my phone! Here are a few...

We had alot of fun hanging out together! Hudson is going to be a Lion for halloween! Our Church is having a big festival that we are going to go to! We were also invited to a hallween carnival that a girl I know is throwing! She has a little boy also!

We went to Mena a couple weekends ago so that Alex could go bow hunting! Alex, his dad, and brother stayed at the deer camp all weekend and Dana, Hudson and I hung out! We had alot of fun! Aunt Darla highlighted my hair and put some low lites in! Then we went shopping in Fort Smith and I started on my Christmas Shopping! We ate out and just shopped till we dropped! We got home around 10! Hudson was exhausted! Then we went to Church Sunday morning and the boys came in that afternoon! Noone had any luck with a deer yet! We are going to have Family Pictures made the first week of November in Mena at a place called Sweet Peas! She took my maternity pictures and has taken pictures of Hudson too! I am excited!! Alex took off work for 1 week to hunt starting opening day! I am going to go out and sit on the stand with him some too! I will not be killing anything though! I think its so great that he and his Dad are really building their relationship!

Other big news... We bought a truck! It has come time that we take over all of our own bills, well Alex's mom has been paying his truck note all this time. We decided it would be best, under circumstances I'd rather not mention related to his "old" truck, that we bought a new one and started over! Well I say new, I mean new to us! He picked out a silver Z71 extended cab! It is really nice and we got a great deal on it! I am VERY pleased with our payment plan as well! We got really lucky. Alex loves the truck too and of course has already done so much to it and has more ideas. He enjoys fixing up his vehicles....we all know this! But I cant complain... he lets me shop when I want to! I think I will be getting a new vehicle around Christmas time :) That suprise will be mentioned in a few months! Gosh, Christmas is coming up quick!

We are having a cook out with friends tomorrow night, and planning to go to the Zoo on Saturday if it doesnt rain!! Fingers Crossed!!

Hope everyone is having a great month!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Alot has been going on here in the Harvey House! September has been a busy month for us! Seems like we have had plans every weekend!!

First off, we went downtown to Big Whiskeys to watch the Hogs! We had alot of fun! We got to see lots of friends that we hadn't seen in a while! The game was good and the Hogs won so that made it even better!! I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping we are going to have a good season!! Hudson went and stayed with my mom and he wore his Razorback jersey too!!

This past weekend we went to Star City/Monticello to visit my family and celebrate my mom's birthday! Hudson and I went down on Friday, Alex had to work so he and Ryan drove down on Saturday! Friday night we went to watch the Billie play Warren and watch Jordyn cheer! Monticello has a good team this year. Also, they finally beat Warren!!! Hudson did not like all the yelling and screaming in the bleechers so me and mom took him down by the concession stand and stood for the remainder of the game! The weather was rainy and yucky too :( Saturday Hudson and I went over to visit some of my dads family and he got to play with some of his little cousins! We had a good time and then headed back to moms to cook for her birthday! We had a shirt airbrushed for Hudson to wear that said "Happy Birthday NiNi" it was so cute!! And we gave her one of those digital picture frames that holds up to 3000 pictures! It is so neat.. I really want one for our house! It was great getting to see everyone!

Saturday night is when Hudson started getting sick! He felt warm and was really fussy around after waking up around 12:00. So I took his temperature and it was 101.7!! He was up off and on all night! Then Sunday he was all stopped up! He wouldnt even take a bottle because his nose was so stuffy!! Now before when I have said "Hudson is sick" it was never anything like this! This is for sure the first time he has actually be SICK! Poor baby has felt horrible! Dana came down on Sunday night to keep him while I worked this week. Monday morning I called and made him a Dr Appt! My boss and the people I work with are so great that they allow me to leave and take Hudson to the Dr! Turns out he had a head cold, and small ear infections in both ears!! He is doing much better now though and hasnt ran a fever since Monday morning. All of the drainage is starting to break up and dry up which is causing him to have a horrible cough. But he is playing and drinking and happy as can be! I think Alex and I were WAY more upset about it than Hudson was! I was a wreck! LOL

Wednesday night when I got off my mom, Grandmommie, and Aunt Leslie came by here and we made a big poster for them to take on GOOD MORNING AMERICA!! They left for NYC on Thursday morning and they were on GMA this morning! The sign was so cute and they were shown on TV alot!! Pretty Cool. They are having a great time!

Tonight we are going out to dinner and bowling with some friends! Hudson is staying with Sarah, his babysitter at our house for the first time alone! She has kept him alot during the summer while Kelley and I layed out, but she was just right inside and I was there! I know she will do fine and Hudson loves her! I am just thankful that we have someone we trust that can keep him for a few hours so we can have some time together! I havent been bowling since before Hudson was born! No telling how this is going to turn out! Ha!

Next weekend we are going to Texarkana for a wedding! We havent been down since May so its a much needed trip. I am excited for his family to get to see Hudson.

Well as you all know Deer Season is quickly approaching us! And let me just say this household is getting pretty excited! Alex has already gotten out all of his gear and checked it over and ordered some new stuff! Hudson has been wearing his "Daddys Little Hunter" camo hat almost everyday..(thanks to his daddy) Hudson has some camo overalls, boots, bib, hat, and who knows what else! Alex was added to his Dads hunting lease in Mena! So he is planning on going down for the whole first week and staying and then every other weekend after that! Hudson and I are going to tag along and hang out at the camp with Dana!! I plan on going out and sitting on the stand with Alex too! I am for sure not going to shoot anything! But Ill go scope them out!!

Hudson and I are playing at home today on this rainy day!!! Hope everyone is having a good week!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


We are so excited about the 1st LR game this coming weekend!! Alex and I are going to Lunch with some friends and then going to the Golf Course tailgating! We are really excited to see everyone!!

Here are some pictures of Hudson in his Razorback Jersey!!

That jersey is a size 12months and it fits perfectly... he is such a chunk!! He weighs 21 pounds now!!

We went to dinner at Copeland's lastnight with Dad and Kara and it was DELICIOUS of course!! Here is a pic from there...

Here are some pictures of Hudson before Church this morning! He can stand up for about 5 seconds without support! We caught him in action in one of the pictures!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Whats new in the Harvey house!?

We have all been very busy but we are all doing great! Hudson has mastered the crawling thing and he is already wanting to walk! I got my first big paycheck last week so I promised him he could get a new toy :) Well we went to Wal-Mart and picked out one of those toys where he can stand up and hold on to it and push it and walk with it. Sounds confusing but Im sure all you moms can picture this in your heads! Anyways... it says 9+ months but I couldnt resist it. After a couple of days he has it figured out! He pulls up on it and pushes it while walking all over the house! It is so cute! It looks funny because he is only 7months so it just looks unusual seeing him walking behind it! Ha! Of course he cannot walk yet... he can just walk while supporting himself on the toy! It is his new favorite for sure! I bet he will be walking early. Alex started walking at 8months so he thinks Hudson is going to take after him in that area! We shall see! Other new with Hudson, he has been sick! This is the first time he has been sick and had to go to the "sick" area in the Dr. Office!! He has had a cough for about a week and it just seemed to progressively get worse. He also had a little rash around his eyes that doesnt bother him at all but it doesnt look pretty and its just not normal for him. Dana was watching him this Mon, Tues, and Wed while I was working so I made him an appt with his doctor for Wednesday morning. My amazing boss let me leave and go meet them at the Dr too. His doctor says she thinks that the rash is some sort of irritation from him crawling and into more things now and then touching his eye. Something has irritated it. Of course there is not much you can do for a baby around the eye because of the risk of any creams getting in the eye. So she said to let that run its course and just keep an eye on it. Then she gave him an antibiotic for the cough. You would never know he is sick. He is still eating like a pig and playing hard! He is so sweet, he loves to snuggle and just hug on you. I am going to miss that when he gets bigger! He has 2 teeth on the bottom now!! Its so cute! I havent been able to get a good picture showing them off yet though!

Alex has been working like usual! They have stayed busy at Landers thank goodness! I know alot of people are losing jobs and having trouble during this regression and we are so thankful that Landers stays at the top! Alex was off this past Saturday and we had his sister Sutton and his brother Brock come down and stay the weekend with us! We had alot of fun with them and I know Alex was happy to have them here! We grilled burgers and went to the movies and went shopping. Alex's family is still having a rough time with the loss of Sydni so we were glad Sutton was able to get away and spend some time with us. When I got home from work on Wednesday there were 2 guys here talking to Alex about a Security System for our home. I was totally against it at first because I was tired and didnt want to pay big money for that. Well after talking to them about it they totally sold me. It was a great deal and a low, fixed rate each month that we would be paying! It monitors all the windows and doors and when we are not home there is a motion detector on. We also got those keychains where you can set them alarm from outside when you leave and turn it off when you pull up to the house. Also when we are home and the alarm is not set, we can set it to where when any door opens it beeps twice just to alert us that a door is open. That will be great when Hudson gets older and trys to go outside without me knowing!! Its pretty neat and definately worth the safety of my family.

Well I am still LOVING my job! I am really getting the hang of it and taking multiple patients alone now. It is so rewarding to recieve these patients and then send them home a few days later knowing that I have helped them improve and become independent again. My patients have complimented me so much saying I was a great nurse and that they recieved great care. And family members have thanked me for being so kind and caring to their loved ones. It means so much to me. I still love everyone that I work with also. A new girl started this past week and she just graduated also. So there are alot of us in our 20's working together so its so much fun! And they all have small children too so we all have alot in common. Its great!!

Well today Hudson and I are going to run some errands and go eat lunch with Alex! Here are some recent photos!!

Hudson eating some Gerber cheetos!!

Hudson and Daddy!

Grana bought Hudson this after his Dr Appt! Spoiled rotten!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Recent Pictures!


I am a working woman now so I cannot blog as often as I used to! I REALLY like my job a lot so far! I work every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then I am off on Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun!! How awesome is that? I love all of the people that I work with and everyone is so helpful and fun! I have learned SOOOO much already! The unit that I work on is care for patients after they have surgery... and its just a general medsurg floor so anyone who is sick (with like pneumonia, car wreck, stomach problems, snake bite, etc.) and their doctor wants to admit them to the hospital.. they come to our floor. So our patients stay for 2 to 3 days and then we send them home! It is such a busy unit that the day goes by really fast! I love that. I havent gotten a pay check yet, I get paid next week so I am pretty excited about that too!!!

Alex has been really helpful on the days I work, since I get home at 7 he has had supper ready when I get home! We went to walmart before I started and stocked up on everything and we got some quick/easy meals that he could prepare on the days that I work! Dana kept Hudson this week while I worked, she brought him up to see me on Tuesday which I loved!

Today Lindsay and I went swimming at Jane Jo's pool! I had Hudson of course and she had her two bonus sons! It was alot of fun. I think the kids wore themselves out so hopefully they will all sleep good tonight :)

Hudson is crawling so fast all over the place and is in to everything now!! We are working on learning what "no, no" means! LOL Its not going very well! He has one tooth on the bottom and a second one coming any day now! He also had to move to a new class at Church! We went to BabiesRUs this morning and got him a big boy car seat! The doctor said it was time!

Well Hudson is attacking the computer as Im typing this so I have got to wrap it up!! Hope everyone is doing good!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh How I Love Thee...

Let Me Count The Ways...

1. I love your smile and your perfect teeth (never had to have braces-punk)

2. I love your dark hair that you always think is poofy, but I think is perfect

3. I love your pretty green eyes that people mistake for blue because they change in the light

4. I love how you have small hands but they are rough and callused showing that your a hardworker.

5. I love how you still look 18 even though your (almost) 22, because I know you'll look young when we are grannys and granpas!

6. I love how you are so forgiving when people do you wrong. You have such a big heart.

7. I love how you never gossip and talk about other people. (I need to learn from that)

8. I love how if someone asked you for a favor you would do your best to help them out, because you truely care about other people.

9. I love seeing you with our son, and how wonderful of a father you are.

10. I love your sense of humor.. you are so goofy and silly sometimes, but so am I and its hilarious to me!

11. I love how when you get excited about something you get spastic and start rushing around like a maniac. Its overwhelming but its cute.

12. I love how you say random things that you dont mean to people on accident. Like when I came to visit you at work and then I was leaving and everyone told me bye and you said "See yall later" (dead serious, not being funny) and you were staying not leaving haha!

13. I love how we have the same morals and values when it comes to making decisions for Hudson. And how we have the same view on raising him in Church to know Jesus.

14. I love how when our time on earth is over, we will still be together for eternity in Heaven :)

15. I love how through the hard times we have had this past year we have carried each other and we still managed to focus on all the good

16. I love how much you look like your dad because I know you will be so handsome when we get older hehehe

17. I love how you are up for trying anything, even if your not good at it.

18. I love how when we get dressed, if we have on the same color shirt, you will change because you think its weird to match, but I think its cute!

19. I love how your feet are completely flat, so you really dont have the ability to run because it hurts your back after a while :)

20. I love how you have such a huge love for animals and wish you could save every dog. We just have to work on your ability to train them!

21. I love how when I am upset about something, you automatically know it without me having to say so. And you do whatever you can to make it better.

22. I love how you are so good with cars and you always have my oil changed, and lights working, and all the other weird stuff that I know nothing about.

23. I love how everytime we go to a store you insist on getting Hudson a toy... when really you cant wait to get home and play with it too!

24. I love watching you play with Hudson and give him a bath. He loves bathtime!

25. I love how over-protective you are with him and if he even whines you jump up and get him. He has you wrapped around his finger.

26. I love how you love your family and strive to have a good relationship with them.

27. I love how you enjoy working out and eating healthy. I want us to always take good care of our bodies.

28. I love how you are interested in what I do and you listen to me when I tell you about Nursing even though your lost.

29. I love how when you talk about something that is important to you, you go into this deep conversation and you get so serious. So cute.

30. I love how you are obsessed with new shoes, and new hats. I love when you wear a hat.

31. I love when you try to be sweet and make the bed for me, even though it looks like a sloppy mess, I love it, because you tried :)

32. I love how you get up at night and help me with Hudson even though I havent had to work the past six months. It shows me how much you care, about him and me.

33. I love how you are such a handy man around the house, you can fix anything, and keep the yard looking good.

34. I love your dedication to your job and am thankful for you working hard and supporting while I finished school.

35. I love how when we get in bed to go to sleep, you snuggle up next to me. And you say "Say your Prayers"

36. I love how you still leave the toilet seat up even though Iv been telling you for 4 years now to put it down haha okay so I dont love that one!

37. I love how you compliment me every day and tell me Im the prettiest girl you've ever seen. Though it may not be true.. I still love to hear it.

38. I love how every time we get off the phone, even if its a 3 second conversation you say "I love you" before we hang up.

39. I love looking back to where we've been and seeing who we are today.

40. But most of all I love how you love me.

It may sound cliche to other people who are reading, but I can honestly say I married my best friend. This first year has been a rollercoaster, and if we can survive it, I know we can handle anything. I love you more than I could ever explain. I look forward to many, many, many, many, many, many, MANY more years with you!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

These are for you Kasey :)

Here are some pics of our new bedroom furniture! I still need to get some stuff to decorate the dresser with... I just grabbed extra things from around the house and put up there for now! Isn't it beautiful! :)The pictures really dont give it justice though, it looks so much better in person! We love it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


According to our raingauge we have already gotten almost 4inches of rain! GOSH!

Nothing special has been happening this week! Except that Hudson is crawling all over the place now!! I am trying to enjoy my last week of freedom!! I am really going to miss waking up every morning and having nothing to do except spend all day with my sweet baby boy! Well I take that back, I have LOTS to do... just no schedule. I can do them whenever I please! :) Its great and very much taken for granted! But like I said in previous posts, I am super excited about starting my job! I have had the passion to be a nurse since I was little bitty and I cannot wait to get out there and do it!

Monday Hudson, Lindsay, and I drove to Star City to pick up the furniture that I ordered back in April! For my birthday Mom and Larry let me pick out a bed and dresser and agreed to pay half and Alex and I pay the other half! Well there is a great place in between Star City and Monticello called "Slingerlands" its a family run business and it looks junky but its great! I looked through an Ashley furniture magazine and picked out what I wanted and he ordered it and sold it to us for WAAAYYYY cheaper! We got a great deal and a beautiful bed and dresser! I have been wanting a headboard forever because our bed was only on a frame. And then we really need the drawer space of a dresser, we have a nice size walk in closet but Alex and I both have lots of clothes. You know how guys accumulate so many tshirts over the years! I am IN LOVE with the new furniture! Our room really looks comfy and so put together now.

Tuesday I went to lunch with an old friend whom I have missed so much! It has been way too long since Ashley and I have hung out and it was great catching up!It was her first time to see Hudson too! Now that we live closer hopefully we can spend more time together! Tuesday afternoon Hudson and I met Dana in HotSprings and we shopped around of course! One of Alex's aunts owns a Medical Supply store in HotSprings so we went there to see her and get me some new scrubs for work! I have lots of different colors that I have gotten the past 2 years, but unfortunately at Saline the Registered Nurse's can only wear Navy Blue or White! The 2 colors I dont have! Its really a neat thing that they do at Saline though, all of the RNs will wear Blue or White; the LPNs will wear a pink color; the XRay people wear Red and so on. That way the patient can know who is a nurse and who isnt. I would like that if I was a patient. After we were done shopping Hudson went with Dana to visit for a couple days!

Last night Alex and I went to the movies to see The Proposal! I have been wanting to see it forever! It was so good toO!!

Today Kelley and I got out in this nasty rain. I had to get some nice picture frames for the pictures that we had made of Hudson. Also GiGi's birthday is coming up so I wanted to get her a gift. Once we got back to the house me and Kelley layed up in the bed and watched tv!!! It felt so good to just have NOTHING to do! I loved it! The rain just makes me want to be lazy anyways.

Well Alex just got home from work, Iv got to start supper and he rented a movie! We are staying in tonight and watching a movie! We really like watching movies if you havent noticed :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I took my State Boards Exam for Nursing last Wednesday and PASSED!!! I am so relieved!!! All the tests and studying is finally over!! I am now officially a licensed Registered Nurse!! It is hard to believe! I feel like I went through hell and back to get this and I just want to shout it from the mountain tops! When I look back at what all has happened over the last year I am shocked at where I am today. I know that I was able to overcome all of the obstacles because of the relationship I have with my God, my husband, my family, and my friends! I am so thankful for all that they have done!

This next week is my last week of freedom, then I will be a working woman! I am excited about getting a paycheck but I am sad about leaving Hudson! These past 6 months have been awesome getting to stay home with him. But it is only reality that I start work :(

So.. BIG news... today Hudson started crawling!! He has been scooting around for about a week now and making one forward movement then falling on his belly, but today he took off! He isnt very fast but he is moving! We got the video camera out and recorded it! We have been trying to video alot, especially when he reaches a new milestone so that we will be able to look back and show him one day!

One of his bottom teeth has broken through the gums and he has been fussy! I know it hurts :( He didnt sleep well at all last night, it seems like we were up almost every 30 minutes... at around 5:30 I just ended up putting him in bed with us and then he slept until 9! Spoiled rotten. They said he did great in the nursery at church and he took a long nap once we got home. This afternoon he hasnt been feeling good though! He acts sleepy but you can tell his teeth are bothering him and he just cannot get comfortable! So while Alex was weed-eating the front yard, Hudson and I went strolling around the neighborhood and he was out in about 5 minutes! Kelley and I keep saying we are going to start walking and never do... so today I made myself and it was nice... it wasnt too hot today. Hopefully Kelley and I will make it a regular thing!

Alex was off this Saturday so we had 2 full days in a row together! It was great! Saturday we took Hudson to Playtime Pizza... its kind of like Chucky Cheese but alot bigger and cooler! He is still pretty young for it though, they had a little kid section but he wasnt very interested! Someone was having a birthday party too and it was PACKED! After we left there we went and ate Chinese at Panda Garden and then strolled around the Shakelford shopping center. We ended up going in BabiesRUs-Big Mistake- and got Hudson a new toy and an outside swing to go on the swingset!! Alex is just like a big kid, so when u get him in a toy store... its crazy! LOL Hudson loves the new toy though of course. And this afternoon we pushed him in the swing outside... he loves everything outside so I knew he would love that! We got a free swingset and Alex repainted it and set it up in our backyard! It is big, with lots of different things to do on it. Its probably not something I would pick out, but since it was FREE we couldnt turn it down! Once he gets big we will get a nicer one Im sure! Well here are some pics from our weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Post!

I have got to get to studying but I just couldnt resist a quick post!

First off, Friday I got a call from Saline and was offered the job I wanted!! I immediately accepted and I am so excited! Right when I stepped onto the unit for my interview, the atmosphere was just what I wanted! I really feel like this is where God wants me to be! I start August 3rd! I cannot wait! However, I am going to miss Hudson so much! But at least it will only be 3 days a week! My mom and Alex's step mom are going to rotate weeks keeping him! So that makes it ten times easier! I am just not ready for him to attend daycare yet. Plus I know they are SO excited about getting to keep him too! Saline is not far from our house either so they can come eat lunch or supper with me in the cafeteria sometimes too!

Hudson had a Dr Appt Friday morning at 8:30.. I have no idea why I scheduled it so early! But it worked out well bc Alex was able to come! Hudson now weighs 18lbs 10 oz!! The Dr said it will be time for a new carseat soon! Ours only goes up to 22lbs! It is hard to believe he is 6months old. She said he looked great and has met all of his milestones. She was shocked by how well he is sitting up on his own! She said usually they expect a 6month old to be able to balance for a couple minutes but he can sit up for long periods without losing balance! You know we were proud :) He had to get 3 shots but he did great.
Here is a picture of him and daddy..

I met my mom in Pine Bluff Friday afternoon and she took Hudson home with her. Larry farms so he has been working late hours non stop and hasnt gotten to see Hudson in a while! Also my big test is coming up Wednesday so I needed some study time as well! Friday night Alex and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then to see "The Ugly Truth." We were celebrating me getting the job! Then Saturday while Alex was at work I met Dawson at the library and studied from 10-4! I am feeling pretty confident about this test, but that makes me more nervous! Last night Alex and I grilled steaks, corn, and twice baked potato's! We even threw on a hotdog for Ella! LOL It was great getting to spend some time together but we sure are missing Hudson!

We went to Church this morning and then to lunch! Now I am getting ready to do some studying and then I am heading to Star City to see my little man! Alex has to work tomorrow so he cant join us. :(

Keep me in your prayers for my NCLEX this Wednesday! I need them!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have been busy! We had a great week in Branson! Got to do lots of fun stuff and it was great for Me, Alex, and Hudson to get to spend lots of time together! I know Alex misses him alot when he is at work! Soon I will be too :( We had a good time but it was nice to get back home! Alex has just been working as usual.. in this HEAT! I feel so bad for him because it has been sooo hot lately! He is tough though! Also, Hudson is fixing to cut some teeth and our nights have been rough. Alex and I usually rotate feedings which will only cause us to get up once a night each.. well with a fussy teething baby it has been more frequent! So we are both sleep deprived not to mention Alex is drained from the heat as well! I had 2 interviews yesterday at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton! I interviewed with a MedSurg nurse and with a Critical Care Nurse! It definately made me feel good to get 2 interviews and to get to check out 2 different areas that I was interested in! The interviews went great! I LOVE that hospital. I know everyone has there place and their calling as to where they should work and I really feel like Saline is for me. Definately a good place to start out. They had great benefits and salary offers as well. I am very excited! Hopefully I will get a call! "Fingers Crossed!!"

This past weekend my BFF Lindsay came up from Monticello to spend the night Sat and Sun! I have missed her SO much! Saturday night Lindsay, Kelley, Kandance, and Hudson and I went to eat at Chili's and then came back to our house to have girl talk! Alex spent the night with his friend Vinnie since his wife was out at a bachelorette party. Lindsay and Hudson and I got up and went to Church Sunday morning. The message was really good. He preached about Knowing who you are. Not thinking to highly of yourself than you should but also not thinking to little of yourself. Also, how you shouldnt surround yourself with people who bring you down, and make you someone your not, but that you should pray for those. It really meant alot to me and I felt like it was something that I have been needing to apply to my life.

Sunday afternoon we had a cookout with some of our friends! I love having good friends over and just hanging out, low key! Dawson came who I havent had a chance to see in forever since he is in Nursing School this summer! Ryan came and Kelley and Lindsay! We had a really good time! Then Alex and I wanted to rent a movie after everyone left but there was not many options. He ended up picking something and I played on the computer instead!

Hudson is going for his 6month check up on Friday! I cannot believe it has already been half of a year! I am so thankful that this journey has been as great as it has! I know having a child at mine and Alex's age can put a strain on your relationship and definately be hard. But we are doing so great and we are so happy! I feel like Hudson has only brought us closer and made us cherish our time alone!

Life is good for me! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and fun weekend!