Thursday, July 30, 2009


According to our raingauge we have already gotten almost 4inches of rain! GOSH!

Nothing special has been happening this week! Except that Hudson is crawling all over the place now!! I am trying to enjoy my last week of freedom!! I am really going to miss waking up every morning and having nothing to do except spend all day with my sweet baby boy! Well I take that back, I have LOTS to do... just no schedule. I can do them whenever I please! :) Its great and very much taken for granted! But like I said in previous posts, I am super excited about starting my job! I have had the passion to be a nurse since I was little bitty and I cannot wait to get out there and do it!

Monday Hudson, Lindsay, and I drove to Star City to pick up the furniture that I ordered back in April! For my birthday Mom and Larry let me pick out a bed and dresser and agreed to pay half and Alex and I pay the other half! Well there is a great place in between Star City and Monticello called "Slingerlands" its a family run business and it looks junky but its great! I looked through an Ashley furniture magazine and picked out what I wanted and he ordered it and sold it to us for WAAAYYYY cheaper! We got a great deal and a beautiful bed and dresser! I have been wanting a headboard forever because our bed was only on a frame. And then we really need the drawer space of a dresser, we have a nice size walk in closet but Alex and I both have lots of clothes. You know how guys accumulate so many tshirts over the years! I am IN LOVE with the new furniture! Our room really looks comfy and so put together now.

Tuesday I went to lunch with an old friend whom I have missed so much! It has been way too long since Ashley and I have hung out and it was great catching up!It was her first time to see Hudson too! Now that we live closer hopefully we can spend more time together! Tuesday afternoon Hudson and I met Dana in HotSprings and we shopped around of course! One of Alex's aunts owns a Medical Supply store in HotSprings so we went there to see her and get me some new scrubs for work! I have lots of different colors that I have gotten the past 2 years, but unfortunately at Saline the Registered Nurse's can only wear Navy Blue or White! The 2 colors I dont have! Its really a neat thing that they do at Saline though, all of the RNs will wear Blue or White; the LPNs will wear a pink color; the XRay people wear Red and so on. That way the patient can know who is a nurse and who isnt. I would like that if I was a patient. After we were done shopping Hudson went with Dana to visit for a couple days!

Last night Alex and I went to the movies to see The Proposal! I have been wanting to see it forever! It was so good toO!!

Today Kelley and I got out in this nasty rain. I had to get some nice picture frames for the pictures that we had made of Hudson. Also GiGi's birthday is coming up so I wanted to get her a gift. Once we got back to the house me and Kelley layed up in the bed and watched tv!!! It felt so good to just have NOTHING to do! I loved it! The rain just makes me want to be lazy anyways.

Well Alex just got home from work, Iv got to start supper and he rented a movie! We are staying in tonight and watching a movie! We really like watching movies if you havent noticed :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I took my State Boards Exam for Nursing last Wednesday and PASSED!!! I am so relieved!!! All the tests and studying is finally over!! I am now officially a licensed Registered Nurse!! It is hard to believe! I feel like I went through hell and back to get this and I just want to shout it from the mountain tops! When I look back at what all has happened over the last year I am shocked at where I am today. I know that I was able to overcome all of the obstacles because of the relationship I have with my God, my husband, my family, and my friends! I am so thankful for all that they have done!

This next week is my last week of freedom, then I will be a working woman! I am excited about getting a paycheck but I am sad about leaving Hudson! These past 6 months have been awesome getting to stay home with him. But it is only reality that I start work :(

So.. BIG news... today Hudson started crawling!! He has been scooting around for about a week now and making one forward movement then falling on his belly, but today he took off! He isnt very fast but he is moving! We got the video camera out and recorded it! We have been trying to video alot, especially when he reaches a new milestone so that we will be able to look back and show him one day!

One of his bottom teeth has broken through the gums and he has been fussy! I know it hurts :( He didnt sleep well at all last night, it seems like we were up almost every 30 minutes... at around 5:30 I just ended up putting him in bed with us and then he slept until 9! Spoiled rotten. They said he did great in the nursery at church and he took a long nap once we got home. This afternoon he hasnt been feeling good though! He acts sleepy but you can tell his teeth are bothering him and he just cannot get comfortable! So while Alex was weed-eating the front yard, Hudson and I went strolling around the neighborhood and he was out in about 5 minutes! Kelley and I keep saying we are going to start walking and never do... so today I made myself and it was nice... it wasnt too hot today. Hopefully Kelley and I will make it a regular thing!

Alex was off this Saturday so we had 2 full days in a row together! It was great! Saturday we took Hudson to Playtime Pizza... its kind of like Chucky Cheese but alot bigger and cooler! He is still pretty young for it though, they had a little kid section but he wasnt very interested! Someone was having a birthday party too and it was PACKED! After we left there we went and ate Chinese at Panda Garden and then strolled around the Shakelford shopping center. We ended up going in BabiesRUs-Big Mistake- and got Hudson a new toy and an outside swing to go on the swingset!! Alex is just like a big kid, so when u get him in a toy store... its crazy! LOL Hudson loves the new toy though of course. And this afternoon we pushed him in the swing outside... he loves everything outside so I knew he would love that! We got a free swingset and Alex repainted it and set it up in our backyard! It is big, with lots of different things to do on it. Its probably not something I would pick out, but since it was FREE we couldnt turn it down! Once he gets big we will get a nicer one Im sure! Well here are some pics from our weekend!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Post!

I have got to get to studying but I just couldnt resist a quick post!

First off, Friday I got a call from Saline and was offered the job I wanted!! I immediately accepted and I am so excited! Right when I stepped onto the unit for my interview, the atmosphere was just what I wanted! I really feel like this is where God wants me to be! I start August 3rd! I cannot wait! However, I am going to miss Hudson so much! But at least it will only be 3 days a week! My mom and Alex's step mom are going to rotate weeks keeping him! So that makes it ten times easier! I am just not ready for him to attend daycare yet. Plus I know they are SO excited about getting to keep him too! Saline is not far from our house either so they can come eat lunch or supper with me in the cafeteria sometimes too!

Hudson had a Dr Appt Friday morning at 8:30.. I have no idea why I scheduled it so early! But it worked out well bc Alex was able to come! Hudson now weighs 18lbs 10 oz!! The Dr said it will be time for a new carseat soon! Ours only goes up to 22lbs! It is hard to believe he is 6months old. She said he looked great and has met all of his milestones. She was shocked by how well he is sitting up on his own! She said usually they expect a 6month old to be able to balance for a couple minutes but he can sit up for long periods without losing balance! You know we were proud :) He had to get 3 shots but he did great.
Here is a picture of him and daddy..

I met my mom in Pine Bluff Friday afternoon and she took Hudson home with her. Larry farms so he has been working late hours non stop and hasnt gotten to see Hudson in a while! Also my big test is coming up Wednesday so I needed some study time as well! Friday night Alex and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then to see "The Ugly Truth." We were celebrating me getting the job! Then Saturday while Alex was at work I met Dawson at the library and studied from 10-4! I am feeling pretty confident about this test, but that makes me more nervous! Last night Alex and I grilled steaks, corn, and twice baked potato's! We even threw on a hotdog for Ella! LOL It was great getting to spend some time together but we sure are missing Hudson!

We went to Church this morning and then to lunch! Now I am getting ready to do some studying and then I am heading to Star City to see my little man! Alex has to work tomorrow so he cant join us. :(

Keep me in your prayers for my NCLEX this Wednesday! I need them!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have been busy! We had a great week in Branson! Got to do lots of fun stuff and it was great for Me, Alex, and Hudson to get to spend lots of time together! I know Alex misses him alot when he is at work! Soon I will be too :( We had a good time but it was nice to get back home! Alex has just been working as usual.. in this HEAT! I feel so bad for him because it has been sooo hot lately! He is tough though! Also, Hudson is fixing to cut some teeth and our nights have been rough. Alex and I usually rotate feedings which will only cause us to get up once a night each.. well with a fussy teething baby it has been more frequent! So we are both sleep deprived not to mention Alex is drained from the heat as well! I had 2 interviews yesterday at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton! I interviewed with a MedSurg nurse and with a Critical Care Nurse! It definately made me feel good to get 2 interviews and to get to check out 2 different areas that I was interested in! The interviews went great! I LOVE that hospital. I know everyone has there place and their calling as to where they should work and I really feel like Saline is for me. Definately a good place to start out. They had great benefits and salary offers as well. I am very excited! Hopefully I will get a call! "Fingers Crossed!!"

This past weekend my BFF Lindsay came up from Monticello to spend the night Sat and Sun! I have missed her SO much! Saturday night Lindsay, Kelley, Kandance, and Hudson and I went to eat at Chili's and then came back to our house to have girl talk! Alex spent the night with his friend Vinnie since his wife was out at a bachelorette party. Lindsay and Hudson and I got up and went to Church Sunday morning. The message was really good. He preached about Knowing who you are. Not thinking to highly of yourself than you should but also not thinking to little of yourself. Also, how you shouldnt surround yourself with people who bring you down, and make you someone your not, but that you should pray for those. It really meant alot to me and I felt like it was something that I have been needing to apply to my life.

Sunday afternoon we had a cookout with some of our friends! I love having good friends over and just hanging out, low key! Dawson came who I havent had a chance to see in forever since he is in Nursing School this summer! Ryan came and Kelley and Lindsay! We had a really good time! Then Alex and I wanted to rent a movie after everyone left but there was not many options. He ended up picking something and I played on the computer instead!

Hudson is going for his 6month check up on Friday! I cannot believe it has already been half of a year! I am so thankful that this journey has been as great as it has! I know having a child at mine and Alex's age can put a strain on your relationship and definately be hard. But we are doing so great and we are so happy! I feel like Hudson has only brought us closer and made us cherish our time alone!

Life is good for me! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and fun weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Baby is HOME!

We went to Mena for the weekend to visit Alex's dad and family and when Alex and I came home Monday morning we left Hudson! He stayed Monday night and Tuesday night with them! It felt like forever! Dana wanted to have some pictures made of Hudson in a Steeler's outfit because Alex's dad is a die hard Steeler's fan! They have recently closed in their garage and made it a Steeler's Paradise! It is a really cool game room for the guys! So she had some PRECIOUS pictures made of Hudson in a Steeler's onesie and took lots of props that they have collected over the years (they seriously have everything Steeler's you could think of)! The pictures turned out really cute and she had one blown up to put out in the game room! It is a suprise for Marty! I cant wait to see it!

When Alex and I got back on Monday he had to go to work. Bummer. I had alot of errands to run and so did Kelley so she and I loaded up! We went to lunch and then drove all over LR it seemed like! I had to pick up my diploma and get a reference from one of my teachers at the school, then go get a new Social Security card with my married name on it (yeah i JUST now did that, we have almost been married for a year) and then Kelley is looking for a "study chair" to go in her room so we drove to every store you can think of looking for the perfect one..never found it. LOL Monday night Alex and I went to the movies to see Transformers 2. Then Tuesday I cleaned house and got stuff done around here and Tuesday night Alex and I went over to Kelleys and we grilled burgers with Lacey and her bf Tyler and Kelley and Kandace! We had a really good time!

Yesterday morning I couldnt wait to see Hudson! Jordyn, Kelley, and I drove to HotSprings and met Dana! 2 days just seemed like forever! Alex and I missed him so much! We ate lunch at AppleBees in HotSprings and Hudson sat in a high chair! That was his first time to do that in a restaurant!! He is just getting so big! Last night my dad was in LR for tennis practice for his upcoming tournament. They were practicing at OtterCreek right down the road from our house so we drove down there to say hi and watch him in action! Very impressive!

I think I said in a previous blog how my mom is treating me to a trip to Branson for my graduation gift! Well we are leaving tomorrow morning and coming home Wednesday! Alex is off work and we are so excited! My mom is staying Friday-Sunday so that Alex and I can go to some shows Fri and Sat night! Then Sun-Wed it will just be our little fam! I know Alex is excited for some time off and to get to spend the whole day with Hudson instead of just nighttime! It is going to be alot of fun!

Something on my mind-Alex's mom is having a really hard time since Sydni passed away. It has only been a few months, she really needs your prayers. I know that Alex and Sutton are really worried about her. It is too painful to even IMAGINE what she is going through. We just feel like we are losing her. Your prayers would mean so much.