Thursday, October 29, 2009


My friend Kasey awarded me a blog award!! YAY FOR MEE!! I was so excited to be picked! Thanks Kasey!!

So, when awarded the award, there are a few rules!

1)You must thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it.
2) You must share "10 Honest Things" about yourself.
3) You have to present this award to others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4) Last, you must tell those people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

10 Honest Things About Myself..

1)I truely LOVE being a nurse. And I dont mind all the yucky/nasty parts of it either.
2) I have one of the cutest kids in the world (just being honest)
3) I love to cook!
4) I love having people over and cookouts for football games and the superbowl and I try to pretend like I enjoy watching football games. But I really couldnt care less! I just want to know who won and who lost, dont care to watch it!
5) I love to shop, and I love to buy things for other people! Im a big gift giver!
6) I want to have 3 kids... and I think it would be awesome to adobt a child.
7) I want to go back to school already. Iv already applied.
8) My brother and I have a really close relationship that I love :)
9) I act like things dont bother me alot, but I really do get my feelings hurt easily
10) I am a strong Christian and God leads my life :)

Now I will award my people!

Megan Wilson
Megan and I are friends through a friend and she has the CUTEST little girl! I love reading her blog and seeing cute pictures of their little family outings!

Jessica Copeland
I have been following Jessica's blog since she started!! Her and Craigen have the CUTEST little boy!! You all need to go and look at his halloween costume!! Precious! She also is on top of this flu season prevention and she posted some good tips if you have kids! Their son Cash and Hudson are almost the same age.. I think they are a month apart! So I enjoying seeing her pictures and post's about Cash growing because Hudson is right behind him!

Jodie Waldron has a beautiful 2 month old baby girl!! She is so adorable and her pictures are too cute! She is a new blogger and I really enjoy her posts!

MckMamma, I know will not be able to reply to this post because she is very busy with her sick baby right now. If you do not follow this blog it is a MUST. Her son, Stellan, is ill with a heart defect and her blog is so inspiring. My heart is so heavy for their family and I pray for them daily. She is such a strong mother and wife. And she has beautiful children. Little Stellan is a miracle and it is very rewarding to be able to be involved in her story.

I believe that is all I am going to award! Many of the other ones I follow have either already been awarded or dont blog often enough to care about participating I assume! I hope you all enjoy!!! Thanks again Kasey!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The weather has been so nice (minus all the rain) lately! I love the cooler weather and the excitement of fall clothes! Hudson has so many cute outfits that I have been so anxious for him to wear! I, on the other hand have NOTHING! Last year at this time all I wore were jogging suits because I was big and preggo! So I have cleaned out my closet and am ready to refill it! I have been saving up some extra cash so that I can splurge a little. :) Alot of new things have taken place in the Harvey House lately!

Hudson is growing like a weed! He stands up all by him self and has really good balance! He will take a couple of steps if you are close to him or if he wants something close to him but thats it. I think he could walk if he wanted to but he's just not ready, and Im not going to rush him! He is already into EVERYTHING as it is! He waves "Bye Bye" and claps his hands too! It is so cute! We took him to the Pumpkin Patch here in LR this past weekend! It was too cute. It was Alex's first time to ever go also! We looked at the animals in the petting zoo and Alex fed them some food, Hudson was amazed! Then we road the hay ride, Hudson wasnt really aware that we were being pulled by a tractor and all! He was too involved with waving at the other little kids and playing in his diaper bag HA! But it was neat, this place has a Christmas Tree farm too so the hay ride took us down through all the trees! Hudson got to pick out a free pumpkin from the bucket of little ones. Then Alex and I picked out to large ones to carve! It took forever to pick out the pumpkins! Alex was running around that place wild! Picking up every pumpkin and checking it out! Those of you who know him well can picture this Im certain! Hudson and I decided to sit at the picnic tables and have a yogurt snack while Daddy looked around! Finally he found the perfect 2! Unfortunately I didnt check my camera batteries before we left and realized that it was dead once we arrived. SO ANNOYING!!! So the only pictures I have are from my phone! Here are a few...

We had alot of fun hanging out together! Hudson is going to be a Lion for halloween! Our Church is having a big festival that we are going to go to! We were also invited to a hallween carnival that a girl I know is throwing! She has a little boy also!

We went to Mena a couple weekends ago so that Alex could go bow hunting! Alex, his dad, and brother stayed at the deer camp all weekend and Dana, Hudson and I hung out! We had alot of fun! Aunt Darla highlighted my hair and put some low lites in! Then we went shopping in Fort Smith and I started on my Christmas Shopping! We ate out and just shopped till we dropped! We got home around 10! Hudson was exhausted! Then we went to Church Sunday morning and the boys came in that afternoon! Noone had any luck with a deer yet! We are going to have Family Pictures made the first week of November in Mena at a place called Sweet Peas! She took my maternity pictures and has taken pictures of Hudson too! I am excited!! Alex took off work for 1 week to hunt starting opening day! I am going to go out and sit on the stand with him some too! I will not be killing anything though! I think its so great that he and his Dad are really building their relationship!

Other big news... We bought a truck! It has come time that we take over all of our own bills, well Alex's mom has been paying his truck note all this time. We decided it would be best, under circumstances I'd rather not mention related to his "old" truck, that we bought a new one and started over! Well I say new, I mean new to us! He picked out a silver Z71 extended cab! It is really nice and we got a great deal on it! I am VERY pleased with our payment plan as well! We got really lucky. Alex loves the truck too and of course has already done so much to it and has more ideas. He enjoys fixing up his vehicles....we all know this! But I cant complain... he lets me shop when I want to! I think I will be getting a new vehicle around Christmas time :) That suprise will be mentioned in a few months! Gosh, Christmas is coming up quick!

We are having a cook out with friends tomorrow night, and planning to go to the Zoo on Saturday if it doesnt rain!! Fingers Crossed!!

Hope everyone is having a great month!!