Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God is Good...

Well today was my BIG checkoff day at school to prove that I am ready and qualified to be an RN!!! I have been sooo nervous and had my head stuck in a book pretty much all week!! I appologize to all of those who have called me because I just completely removed my phone from my presence so I could focus! It is so hard to study with an 11 week old...anyone who has kids knows that! Well all of my hard work paid off because today went wonderfully!

First off let me share this story with you, on my way to school this morning I was nervous, doubting myself, it was raining and nasty which didnt help my mood... well I was listening to 93.3... its a christian radio station and my radio was set to that when I turned my car on ironically. Well there was a speaker on there this morning talking about how the devil causes us to doubt ourselves, have fear, and envy and greed... I really felt moved by it. I realized that God gives me all of the strength and abilities that I need. The devil is who makes me doubt myself and have fear. It changed my whole outlook on the day and everything went great. I passed all of my checkoffs! It is so exciting and makes me feel so good to know that after 2 years I do actually know something!!!

Now I will start my Preceptorship working in the ER at Saline! I have to complete 96hours of that, then take my final and if all goes well I will be done! I cannot believe it! I am so glad that I dont have class and constant tests anymore!! Now I can actually relax a little I hope!

The weather has been so pretty!! Hudson and I went for a stroll yesterday and he loved it! I should have taken a picture because I put his sunglasses on him! Ha! Too cute!

Well I just wanted to share my good news!!! Hope everyone else's day went as good as mine!!

Here is the picture of Hudson on his belly matt that I promised!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon~

We were so glad the weather was so nice yesterday! I layed all of our outfits out for Church and got the diaper bag ready and set the timer on the coffee Saturday night so that Sunday morning we wouldnt be rushed and we could for sure make it to Church! So Sunday morning we made it! Hudson wore one of his new dressy outfits and he ate right before we left so he was very content in church! He loves music and stayed awake during all the singing... but right when the preaching began he dosed off (typical kid huh?)

It was so pretty outside after church... Alex mowed the yard and washed my car! He loves working outside... got a little sunburnt on his shoulders too! Hudson is still getting over his little cold so I kept him inside. I think in a couple more days he will be back to normal though! I had alot of school work to do so I worked on that all afternoon!

We got Hudson one of those tummy mats a while back where you lay the baby on their stomach and it helps them to build neck strength and learn to hold their head up and stuff. Well he wasnt too good at it about a month ago..he just kinda layed flat on the mat! Well we got it out lastnight and put him on it and he was so active! He was trying to hold his head up and kicking his legs around! It was so cute! I didnt get a picture but I will try and get one and post it soon!

I still haven't gotten my hair fixed! I just dont have time! We are on spring break but I have SO MUCH school stuff to complete this week! I havent even been answering my phone or having any contact with my friends :( I knew this semester was going to be hard having a newborn but GOSH it is killing me! I am so close to the end though. I am so lucky and thankful to have such supportive friends and family. Everyone has been so helpful or at least offered to help me out. It means alot. Well here are a few more fun pictures!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sick Baby Boy!

Bad News... Hudson is sick :( He has his first cold! I have always been told that breast fed babies dont get sick! NOT TRUE! He has had a stuffy nose for about 4 days now and today he just developed a little cough! It is so sad!I have been putting saline drops in his nose and sucking it out and last night we slept with the humidifier on. So hopefully he will get well soon so we can get out in this pretty weather!

Well I took him to the Doctor last Thursday to get his first shots! Luckily Hannah came with me for moral support! It was so sad! Here is a picture of him getting ready to go to the Dr!

Me and Alex bought this outfit a long time ago before he was even here! This was his first time to wear it and I thought it was so cute! Here is him at the dr getting ready to be weighed! So far everytime we have been to the dr he decides to have a poopy right when we get in the room!!

He now weighs 11 pounds 6 ounces! So he has gained a little over 3 pounds! And he is now 23 inches so he has grown 2 inches! He is getting so big and active and its so fun to watch! His smile just melts my heart :) He really enjoys looking at his mobile and playing in his bouncy seat. He is starting to really focus on things and is interested in all kinds of different toys! I put some new baseball toys on his carseat and he has just smiled and loved them!

The weather has been so pretty but I think that is what is keeping everyone sick! Its hot one day and cold the next! I am hoping that Hudson's cold will clear up soon! He doesn't act like he feels bad though... he still smiles and kicks around and coo's. But that stuffy nose and watery eyes and cough just make me sad! We slept with the humidifier on last night and I think it has broken up the secretions because I have been able to suck alot out of his nose today. I am hoping this is a good sign.

I had some drama with my hair! Last Wednesday I went to get my hair highlighted and cut! I was so pumped because this is my first time to get it done since I had Hudson! And I am finally getting back to my normal size and couldnt wait to get cute hair again toO! Well I had her put some low lights (brown highlights) in also because it was just too blonde last time. Well all the spots that were supposed to be brown.. are PURPLE!!!! WHY? I do not know! It is the craziest thing! Its like a dark plum color! Well of course I didnt notice this until I got home because I left the salon with my hair wet. Then, my hairstylist went out of town until Monday to a hair show! So I have been running around LR looking like a punk rocker mom! Hopefully I can get an appt to get that fixed soon!

My last test is Friday so keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me!!
That is all I know for now! I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me with school stuff but I am getting closer and closer to the finish line and its so exciting!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My baby is sMiLiNg!!

I know it has been a while since my last post(sorry Vinnie LOL) so I have alot to cover! Well last weekend Alex took off on Saturday and we headed to TX to visit his family! Saturday was Sydni's birthday so it was important to him that we went. As we were leaving StarBucks in Benton it started SLEETING!! We talked to Mrs.Cami and she said it was in the 40's in TX so we headed on! Once we got there the whole family got together and we went to Sydni's grave. Mrs. Cami had gotten a beautiful Birthday arrangement to put on it, and everyone had brought something special that they knew Syd would like. She has so many beautiful things on her grave. Everyone is being so strong and really leaning onto God through all of this. Mrs Cami is doing so well under the circumstances.. everyones prayers are definately making a difference. We had a great weekend visiting with everyone. We took a 5 generation photo with Alex's grandparents and mom! Its so neat that we both have 5 generations!

Everyone was excited to see Hudson of course! Alex's little cousin Brayley took good care of him too! She is going to be a good babysitter!

Here are some really cute pictures of his Nana giving him a bath... He LOVES taking a bath and it is so cute!!

We came back Sunday night and went back to our busy week! Wednesday night we ordered pizzas and finally got to see Laken and Vinnie's house after they got all moved in! We are so pumped that they live closer now! It was Oakley's first time to meet Hudson too! She wasn't too worried about him though!

Alex had to work this weekend so we stayed home! The weather was so pretty too! Friday night Kelley came up and stayed the night... her grandpa is in the hospital at UAMS and just found out he has spinal cancer, so keep her and her family in your prayers. Since her dad passed away when she was very young her "Poppa" has pretty much raised her and been her father figure... On a lighter note I was excited she came up! We grilled burgers Friday night and Saturday we got fitted for our Bridesmaid dresses for Lindsay's wedding! The dresses are so cute! I still cannot believe she is getting married... and going to have a baby on top of that! We have been best friends since 4th grade.. its just crazy to think of us as wives and mothers! Ha! Kelley, Hudson, and I went shopping at the mall Saturday too! Then that afternoon Dad and Kara came by to visit! Hudson was being a little fussy, I think he was just tired from us running around all day! But he kicked around and cooed and smiled for Dad and Kara so I was happy they got to see his cute little personality he is developing! When Alex got off we all went and ate at AppleBee's then they headed back to Monticello!

Hudson slept 5 hours at a time last night!! It was great! Mrs. Kara mentioned to me that me drinking caffeine could be keeping him up... I never thought about that but it does seem possible! Well last night for dinner I had water! So I had no caffeine after lunchtime...and he slept alot longer at each time! So maybe she was right! I am going to not have caffeine after 5 from now on and see if this long sleeping span continues! Because it sure was nice! Alex got up with him at 4:30 and then I got up with him at 930! So I slept from 11:30-9:30! Thats a record for me! We didnt make it to church this morning though! It was raining up here and it was 10:00 by the time we were starting to get ready so we decided to just stay home. I didnt want to get Hudson out in the rain.

I am looking forward to clinical tomorrrow! Because it is my LAST ONE!!! I am so excited!! It seems crazy! I will start my preceptorship (aka interning) in April! Just a couple more months and I will (hopefully) be a Registered Nurse! After saying that, I need to get to studying!! I will try and update again soon!