Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Is that not the sweetest picture? He loves his mommy!
Today is my 22nd Birthday!! Yay! All of the exciting birthdays are over and now Im just getting older! I had to post and tell about my sweet Husband though! Alex went to work this morning and Hudson and I got up around 8! Well when I walked into the bathroom on the mirror was written "Happy 22nd Birthday! We love you so much! Alex and Hud" and there was an arrow pointing down to a Zales sac :) So I scramble to open it up and it was a pair of diamond stud earrings! I was so suprised! I LOVE THEM! I am a pretty simple person when it comes to jewelry so this is the perfect gift for me! I usually pick out my own present or tell him what to get... but this year he did it all on his own! Yesterday I got a few birthday cards in the mail too from my Dad and Kara, my Grandmother, and Lindsay with some cash!! How lucky am I?

My grandmommie is coming up today to watch Hudson for a few hours while I go to the library to study! What a great way to spend your birthday huh? My big test is next Thursday so I am going to the library as often as I can until then! Be saying a daily prayer for me and this test! I need it! Congrats to my friend Amber (Nichols) Clark... she took the NCLEX on Monday and PASSED!!! Im so happy for her!!

We had a great time on our little vacation in Branson! It was so nice to get away for a little while and our condo was wonderful! We went to dinner at Fudruckers the first night and then to the indoor pool at our condo, the water was pretty cold though so we didnt stay long! Then Saturday we went shopping all morning at the outlet mall! We came across a lot of good deals! Then that night we went to the Dixie Stampede! We will definately have to go back when Hudson is a little bigger! He didnt know much of what was going on! Sunday we shopped some more and ate at Joes Crab Shack then headed home!

I finally have the pictures from Easter! We didnt take very many! It was rainy and not a pretty day, I wish we woul have taken more though! Oh well, here are a few!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I completed my Preceptor hours!! The next time I am in the Hospital I will be a Real Nurse!! I cannot believe it! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! The nurses decided we would have a potluck yesterday since it was my last day! It was so sweet! I really got attached to everyone and it was sad to leave! :( I had so much fun though, and learned so many good techniques that I will carry with me throughout my career!

Dana, Alex's step mom, came down Sunday night and kept Hudson Monday and Wednesday whie I was at the hospital. Tuesday I had a free day so she talked me into going shopping! Of course our first stop was Babies R Us beause we had to get one of those bottles that you can feed cereal through! Hudson is going through a growth spurt and I cant keep his little belly full! I have started giving him cereal at night right before bedtime and he LOVES it! But it isn't making a difference AT ALL! He has been waking up every 2 hours to eat! It is exhausting! LOL He has been only getting up around 3 and then at 8! So this is a big change! So if anyone has any tips.. TELL ME! Dana, well I guess I should say "Granna", bought Hudson lots of cute stuff! Then we headed off to the mall! We had alot of fun, it was fun for me to get out and do something besides school! That night we met Alex and his Aunt at Copelands! yummy!! We were celebrating my birthday since they wont be down on my actual birthday!

Hudson is really trying to roll over now too! He gets up on his side and me and Alex get in the floor an stare and scream every time he moves haha But he has yet to completely roll over! Its coming any day now though!

OMG I almost bestfriend Kelley got accepted into Dental Hygiene School at UAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOO excited because that means she is moving up here!! Her Grandmother lives in Benton so she is going to live with her! I am so excited!!!

Tomorrow morning Alex, Hudson, and I are going on our first family vacation! We are going with Laken and Vinnie and their litle girl to Branson for the weekend! We are so excited! The weather is supposed to be in the 80's too!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have started my Preceptorship!! I mentioned in a previous post that I will be following an RN in the ER at Saline Memorial Hospital in Benton. My first day was Sunday! 6:30am-7:00pm! WHEW! My first 12hour shift! I absolutely LOVED it though! I have always thought it would be fun to work in the ER! I really like the nurse I am assigned to also so that made it ten times better! It was slow in the morning until about lunch time, then things really picked up! The nurses were so helpful and letting me do so much! I probably started 10 IV's on my first day along with blood draws and urine specimens for each! I went on Monday also and it was a little more exciting, we had a guy come in who had been stabbed! I just sat back and watched on him! It was pretty cool! I have a break today then I go back on Wednesday and Thursday! Needless to say I am pretty tired! I am going from not working at all to 48hours in one week! LOL Its so exciting though that I cannot complain! I just love everything about nursing!

I sure have been missin my baby though! 12 hours is the longest I have ever been away from him! But I am so thankful that I have family that are able to come and keep him because I just couldnt imagine sending him to daycare! On Sunday Alex kept him so they had some guy time! No telling what they did! LOL Then Monday my mom kept him! He is hangin out with me today and I am so happy! I have missed kissin on him and seeing that sweet smile! Alex's step mom, Dana, is coming down tonight and she is going to keep Hudson tomorrow and Thursday for us! I know she is so excited!
I dont have any new pictures to put up yet! But after this weekend I will have some Easter pics! Hudson has the cutest outfit with a little bunny on it! Well my little man is waking up from his nap!! Time to go play!! Hope everyone is having a good week!!