Saturday, March 6, 2010

PrAyErS NeEdEd!!

Ok Blogger Buddies, I need yalls prayers!!

There is SO MUCH going on with my family right now that I had to post a Blog about it because Facebook doesnt have enough space!

First of all, I am in the middle of changing jobs! We are moving to Monticello and I have accepted a job at Drew Memorial. Well at the moment I am working 2 jobs! STRESSFUL! I start at Drew Memorial on Monday and finish up at Saline on Saturday! So next week I will be working five 12hour shifts! (Exhausting!) Not to mention I will be driving back and for from Monticello to Benton! (gas money)

SOOO Hudson doesnt go to Daycare yet, he is too spoiled. Well at the moment... ALL of my babysitters are unavailable! Here is the list and their drama's...

*My Mom- my stepdad went into the hospital in Monticello with chestpain and difficulty breathing. Well Dr. Simon sent him to LR Baptist Hospital to have a heart cath done 2 Fridays ago!. Heart cath came back perfect... THEN he started spiking this crazy high temp! 103~which is really high for an adult to run! So they did blood work, urine samples, brain scans, mri's, chest xrays..etc.! Couldnt figure out what was going on! Finally...last Friday (yesterday) A lung specialist came in and said they noticed some areas on his lungs on his PET Scan. So they think he has a fungal infection in his is common for Farmer's to get. So they are 99% sure this is what it is. Yay its treatable! Well, they want to do a biopsy first and then start treatment... well they want to do the biopsy Monday! WHYYYY!!! Can we please just do it now!! So we are being patient and waiting until lastnight Larry was unable to get enough oxygen and his O2 levels began to drop! So now he is in the ICU with a 100% nonrebreather oxygen mask on! It is a good thing he is there because they can monitor him more closely but my mom is terrified! And she cant be with him at all times now! He is still doing about the same today... Im just wanting this Pulmonary Dr to get with it! I dont care if its the weekend or not! So please keep them in your prayers!!

OK, so next person..

*Alex's StepMom- She is my other main babysitter, well she tore something in her knee and had to have knee surgery! AHH!! SO she cant keep up with a wild toddler!!

*My Grandmommie- She keeps Hudson alot for me too! Well her MOTHER! Yes my Great Grandmother is still alive... Is in the hospital in Pine Bluff with Pneumonia! Grandmommie has not left her side! She stays at the Hospital 24/7!

*Alex and I both have to work! I have called in a couple days and so has he!

It has been so crazy! Also, Jarrod and Jordyn's(Larrys kids) Grandpa was taken to Pine Bluff hospital today by ambulance! Im not sure what is wrong with him yet!!

And to top it all off...HUDSON HAS THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say we have alot of drama coming in. Please keep my family in your prayers! We know God is in control...and the power of prayer is so amazing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Huddys new talents!!

Hudson is growing and learning new things so fast I feel like I cant keep up!! It is so much fun watching him learn and explore! This is such a fun age!

He is pretty much eating all big boy food!! He still likes his gerber snacks but he eats mommy and daddy supper! He is not a picky eater at all so far either! He loves veggies just like Alex and I do! I had to work the past three days and Hudson went to Alexs dads in Mena... Alex met them in HotSprings lastnight to bring Hudson back so when I got off work I went by KFC and got us the family bucket! Hudson had some Gerber Ravioli's and then some mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and a bisquit from KFC! Its so cute watching him! He loves trying to use his fork and spoon too! He likes to do it himself! Ever since he has been home he has been saying MaMa too! FINALLY! LOL He has been saying DaDa for months! It makes me smile :)

The transition from bottle to sippy cup and formula to milk is going really well too! He uses the sippy cup all day and only takes a bottle at nighttime. I have been mixing half and half with formula and 2% milk and he is doing great with that too! Im so proud of him! Here is a pic of him and his Poppa... Alex looks JUST like his dad!! Hudson gives kisses too!!

One year ago yesterday Alex's sweet little sister "flew up to heaven on the wings of angels, past the stars and skies and past where no one sees and she walks with Jesus" We all miss her so much. Alex still has a hard time without her, it is comforting to know that we will see her again one day. Still keep him and his family in your prayers during this hard time.

I learned that yesterday was National Heart Day. So all of the nurses where I work, and I assume at other hospitals too wore red in honor of it. It reminded me of Sydni since she died of heart complications.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the SuperBowl!! Go Saints!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Im copying Kasey's idea of posting her to do list! I also LIVE by my to do list! I make one almost every night before bed! LOL There is so much going on you kind of half to in order to keep up! So here is mine....

To Do List
*Pack Hudson's things.. he is going to Mena for a couple of days since I work Wed, THurs and Fri!
*Wash bed sheets (all other laundry I did today thank goodness)
*Make Dentist appointment to get cavities filled
*Brush my teeth needs to be here I assume from the above lol
*Make Hudson an appointment for his 1 year check up.
*Start dishwasher tonight/ unload in morning
* Get carpet cleaner, ladder, and dolly back from Hannah who borrowed.
* Call insurance about our roof leak.
*Get groceries from WM
*Mail tax info to our accountant
* Find a place to donate this random wheelchair that was left at our house when we bought it! (its in good shape if you know someone who needs one :) )
* Take bag of clothes from cleaning out closet to Salvation Army
* Run the 4runner through a carwash
*Get some stamps

That should keep me pretty busy tomorrow! WHEW!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed in Weekend!!

Well, I guess the weather man was right this time! I was doubtful if it was really going to ice over this time since the past few times the news has planned for it, there has been not even a drop of ice on the windshield! Well, they proved me wrong! Hudson and I went to Star City Wednesday night because I had a Dentist appointment Thursday morning in Monticello. We ended up staying the night Thursday night too and by Friday the sleet started! I was too scared to drive that 1 1/2 hour drive back to LR with Hudson. I was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday though! I spoke with my boss on Friday and she said to do whatever I thought was best. So I decided not to risk the drive and stayed in Star City on Friday night too. Alex drove down to Star City Friday and I rode back with him this morning! We ended up leaving Hudson with my mom because we had no idea what the roads would be like and for sure didnt want to get stranded or have a wreck with Hudson in the car. We got back to LR around 4:00 this afternoon. The roads were perfect from Star City to Pine Bluff... once we got into LR is when the roads became slushy and some ice patches. Overall it wasnt THAT bad. But I was definately I was riding with Alex and not driving myself!

So I will be at work for sure in the morning. Alex is going to take me :) Then my mom and Larry are going to bring Hudson back tomorrow and my vehicle as long as the roads are good. I think it is going to warm up to around 37 degrees tomorrow according to the weather man, so they should make it fine. Send a prayer up for them!

Hudson has this new habit of hitting in the face now! He does it in a playful way though that doesnt hurt, and he is laughing the whole time! Its cute, but I know if he was in daycare, it wouldnt be cute! LOL I am so thankful he doesnt have to go to daycare yet! Its good on my pocketbook too :) Well, he had a toy in his hand today when he started into his little "playful" hitting and busted mommys lip! O-M-G it hurt so bad I almost had tears! So now I have a big ol busted lip! He didnt mean to though of course. Hudson's NiNi and PawPaw got him a little recliner for his birthday, they had to order it so we just picked it up in Star City on our trip down there... Its so cute! Its leather, which is awesome because we can clean it easy! It has a little cup holder on it too! Its too cute! The sad thing is... Alex and I are both small enough that we can sit in it! HA!~

I applied to go back to school... boooo. I know if I dont just go ahead and make myself do it then I never will! I will start back in August (if im accepted) at UALR to get my Bachelor's degree in Nursing. ( I have my Associates now) The course is all online and my job will count as my clinical experience. Most hospitals do not have a pay difference in a RN with an Associates or Bachelor's degree. The reason I want to get mine is because there are so many more opportunities in the Nursing Field with your BSN. You can teach, and hold management positions. I definately want to teach clinicals on the side! I think that would be so fun! Also, in 5-10 years I want to get my Nurse Practitioner!

Alex and I are planning some big changes in our life and we are really excited about them! I dont want to disclose any information until we know for sure. We are praying about it right now and trying to let God lead us in our choices. I will share more info when we are more certain! (and no its not another baby, dont worry!) :) Just keep us in your prayers please!

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow and ice! Hudson didnt get out and play in it! He has had a sinus infection for 2 weeks now and we were not even thinking about risking that snot coming back!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Hudson!

My little sweet precious baby boy who I love more that ANYTHING in the entire world is 1 year old! I just cannot believe it! The night of his birth, January 16, 2009 at 6:06pm is still so fresh in my mind. I can remember almost every little detail. I will never forget the instant connection I had with Hudson when he arrived, and I will never forget the bond that Alex and I developed after that day. Alex was so supportive and strong, it made me realize how much we need each other.

Hudson has been the biggest joy and most wonderful gift that God could ever bless me with. What I have done to deserve such a wonderful blessing I will never know. All i know is that I will do everything I can for God to show my appreciation :)

We decided to have his party at Larry's Pizza in Bryant. We have so many family members that there was no way to have it at our house! We dont have very many friends that have children, so it was just mostly family! It turned out just perfect to me! My BFF Lindsay came over early and her and I went to Larrys Pizza and decorated and set everything up. Hudson was so excited! He loved the balloons! We brought his travel highchair from home so he could have a tray to put his smash cake on! His theme was trains! He had on the CUTEST little outfit with a vest with a train on it. THen His cake was a 3D train! All of our family came. And when I say all I mean ALLLLL. All the way down to Hudson's great grandparents! I was SO glad that everyone did too. They all had to drive from out of town. Alex and I both have divorced parents and those type of situations can get crazy sometimes when you get them all in a room together! HA! But I am so proud of my family, and Alex's. I am so thankful that we can all celebrate these occasions together and enjoy each other! It means so much to me to have both of my parents and step parents there on such a big day for our little family!

I was really glad we chose Larrys because they have the game room! The kids and adults that were there really enjoyed that! I think everyone had a really good time! Hudson got lots of gifts of course! My brother and sister in law got him this bulldozer thing that he is obsessed with! LOL He got some really cute clothes too. He really didnt need anything because you can imagine what all he got for Christmas! Its scary at our house! We need to add on! LOL

We had a smash cake for Hudson of course and he was Super excited about it! He wasnt all that messy with it though! He took his time just slowing eating with his hands haha I took off his shirt because the bright blue icing would have stained for sure! He was the cutest thing! When we all sang Happy Birthday he grinned from ear to ear! He loves being the center of attention!

The great part about it was, when it was all over, the Larrys Pizza crew cleaned up! That was awesome! Because you can imagine our mess! Everything turned out great! I was so pleased with the way it all went!! Here are some pictures from the party!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year***

Once again I have waited almost a month to blog!! This month has been VERY busy for us!!! The holidays always are when you have 4 families to visit, that all live in 4 different places!! It gets pretty hectic!

The second week of December my moms side of the family (Mom, Larry, and us 4 kids and our husbands, bfs, kids, and all) all went to Garven Gardens in Hot Springs! It was my first time to ever go and it was so pretty!! Its amazing all the lights they have! Hudson was amazed! After about an hour of strolling he crashed out though! It was really cold but we were bundled up! It was alot of fun and probably something we will do again as a family!

I was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve, you know, the day we had the FLOOD! Literally! Well they put me on Stand by since we didnt have many patients. I ended up being off the whole day and Alex and I left Little Rock around 4 and were able to go to my Grandmothers in Monticello for Christmas. I was really excited because I didnt think I was going to be able to go! We spend the night Christmas Eve at my moms and had a wonderful Christmas morning! We did Santa and put all of Hudson's stuff out the night before and we videoed Christmas morning! It was alot of fun! Then that afternoon we headed to Mena to Alex's dads. We opened gifts with them that night and spent the whole next day with them, then headed to Texarkana to Alex's moms! We spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with them and then finally got home about 10pm Sunday night! It was exhausting I must say. And I get car sick unless I drive so I drove ALL WEEKEND! It was so much fun getting to see all of our family though! Hudson and Alex's little brother, Brayden, who is 2 had so much fun together! It was cute watching them play! Then yesterday my dad and step mom came up and we did our Christmas with them! We got lots of great gifts! I just love Christmas time!! I took a ton of pictures of course but I am on my brothers computer right now so I cannot upload but a couple of them! Check out my facebook for more!

I had to work New Years Day so our New Years Eve wasnt very exciting! Well, probably not to you guys anyway. It was to me! Ha We grilled steaks, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, and rolls! Just the 3 of us! After Hudson went to bed about 8pm Alex and I piled up in the recliner together and watched all the stuff going on in NY on Channel 7. I couldnt hang so I went to bed a little after 10. I told Alex to wake me up about 5minutes till 12 and I would watch the ball drop! Well, when he woke me up, I rolled back over LOL Just couldnt get up! So I worked New Years Day but I did eat my black eyed peas at the hospital! Alex was off work so him and Huddy got to spend some guy time together! I came home to a bathed baby, clean house, and a pizza on the way! It was nice :)

Well today we finally took down our Christmas Tree and all the decorations! Our living room looks so much bigger now! Ha! My dad built Alex a work bench for the garage and he is obsessed with it! He painted it last night and he has been out in the garage organizing stuff all day! It looks really good and Im happy for him! He has been needing it for a long time! He loves it.

Everyone has been talking about New Years Resolutions... I dont know what mine is. I dont know if I have ever done one. If I HAD to pick one I would say to work on my relationship with God. And to be a good wife and mother. But I shouldnt need a new year to make me want to do those things right?! 2009 was a rollercoaster for us. On January 16th we welcomed a new member into our family, a wonderful precious life that has changed us completely, Hudson! Then 2 weeks later on Febuary 5th we had to say goodbye to someone very precious and wonderful too. A life that meant so much to us and that we will forever miss, Alex's little sister 7 year old Sydni. It is hard for me because I had known Sydni for 3 years and had built a relationship with her and loved her so much. So if it is hard for me.. imagine how it is for Alex. He had such a hard time trying to be happy about having a son, and being sad about losing a sister. This year has been such a struggle for him, and us. One of the hardest things to do, for anyone, is to have to see someone that you love so much, hurt. Alex doesnt have to remind me of his pain, I know him well enough to see it. And it hurts me to know that there is nothing I can do to take it away. It is very painful. Alex is the kind of person who keeps things inside, he doesnt want you to feel sorry for him, or worry about him. I guess thats a guy thing though huh? This year has tested us in many ways. Tested our relationship with one another, tested our faith and trust in God, and tested us in ways that you didnt know you could be tested. We have learned just how strong we are, and how much we love one another and how strong we can be for one another. I am so thankful for God, because without the strength he brings and the comfort, we wouldnt be where we are today.We know that it will continue to be hard and continue to be a struggle trying to learn to live without Sydni but the comfort of knowing we will see her again is rewarding.

In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating Hudson's first birthday!! What a blessing he has been to our life! I cannot even explain how wonderful it is to be a parent! I just love that little boy so much!!! God has blessed our little family in so many ways. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families and the new year will bring everyone health, wisdom, and WEALTH! Lord knows we all need it :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

O-M-G where have I been!? I havent blogged in a month!! This is not good! Something will surely be left out after waiting this long!

Well we are SO ready for Christmas at The Harvey House! All the decorations are up and all gifts are bought, wrapped, and under the tree! I am so excited for everyone to get their gifts! I love buying gifts for other people! Well, I just love shopping in general, I dont really care who I'm buying for! Ha!

Thanksgiving just kind of came and went for us. I had to work the day of thanksgiving and the day after so we were not able to go to any of our families get togethers! It was sad. The first Thanksgiving I have missed in 22years! Hudson was at my moms since it was her week to babysit. So we let her take him home with her so she could get everything ready for dinner at her house. Alex and I had our own little dinner here at home together.

We have a very busy schedule for Christmas having to go to 4 different families who all live in 4 different places. Its going to be alot of time in the car Im thinking! Im scared to see what all Hudson is going to get!! LOL

Hudson is walking everywhere now! He is saying MaMa, DaDa, UhOh and Ella. He is so funny. He is eating lots of big boy food now too! He has 3 bottom teeth and 2 on there way on top! Alex and I are enjoying every minute we have with Hudson. He is the best thing that has ever happen to us! Even though we missed Thanksgiving, we didnt forget to remind ourselves of all the things we are thankful for. God has blessed us in so many ways!

Here are some recent pictures of my little fam! Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!