Friday, September 18, 2009


Alot has been going on here in the Harvey House! September has been a busy month for us! Seems like we have had plans every weekend!!

First off, we went downtown to Big Whiskeys to watch the Hogs! We had alot of fun! We got to see lots of friends that we hadn't seen in a while! The game was good and the Hogs won so that made it even better!! I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping we are going to have a good season!! Hudson went and stayed with my mom and he wore his Razorback jersey too!!

This past weekend we went to Star City/Monticello to visit my family and celebrate my mom's birthday! Hudson and I went down on Friday, Alex had to work so he and Ryan drove down on Saturday! Friday night we went to watch the Billie play Warren and watch Jordyn cheer! Monticello has a good team this year. Also, they finally beat Warren!!! Hudson did not like all the yelling and screaming in the bleechers so me and mom took him down by the concession stand and stood for the remainder of the game! The weather was rainy and yucky too :( Saturday Hudson and I went over to visit some of my dads family and he got to play with some of his little cousins! We had a good time and then headed back to moms to cook for her birthday! We had a shirt airbrushed for Hudson to wear that said "Happy Birthday NiNi" it was so cute!! And we gave her one of those digital picture frames that holds up to 3000 pictures! It is so neat.. I really want one for our house! It was great getting to see everyone!

Saturday night is when Hudson started getting sick! He felt warm and was really fussy around after waking up around 12:00. So I took his temperature and it was 101.7!! He was up off and on all night! Then Sunday he was all stopped up! He wouldnt even take a bottle because his nose was so stuffy!! Now before when I have said "Hudson is sick" it was never anything like this! This is for sure the first time he has actually be SICK! Poor baby has felt horrible! Dana came down on Sunday night to keep him while I worked this week. Monday morning I called and made him a Dr Appt! My boss and the people I work with are so great that they allow me to leave and take Hudson to the Dr! Turns out he had a head cold, and small ear infections in both ears!! He is doing much better now though and hasnt ran a fever since Monday morning. All of the drainage is starting to break up and dry up which is causing him to have a horrible cough. But he is playing and drinking and happy as can be! I think Alex and I were WAY more upset about it than Hudson was! I was a wreck! LOL

Wednesday night when I got off my mom, Grandmommie, and Aunt Leslie came by here and we made a big poster for them to take on GOOD MORNING AMERICA!! They left for NYC on Thursday morning and they were on GMA this morning! The sign was so cute and they were shown on TV alot!! Pretty Cool. They are having a great time!

Tonight we are going out to dinner and bowling with some friends! Hudson is staying with Sarah, his babysitter at our house for the first time alone! She has kept him alot during the summer while Kelley and I layed out, but she was just right inside and I was there! I know she will do fine and Hudson loves her! I am just thankful that we have someone we trust that can keep him for a few hours so we can have some time together! I havent been bowling since before Hudson was born! No telling how this is going to turn out! Ha!

Next weekend we are going to Texarkana for a wedding! We havent been down since May so its a much needed trip. I am excited for his family to get to see Hudson.

Well as you all know Deer Season is quickly approaching us! And let me just say this household is getting pretty excited! Alex has already gotten out all of his gear and checked it over and ordered some new stuff! Hudson has been wearing his "Daddys Little Hunter" camo hat almost everyday..(thanks to his daddy) Hudson has some camo overalls, boots, bib, hat, and who knows what else! Alex was added to his Dads hunting lease in Mena! So he is planning on going down for the whole first week and staying and then every other weekend after that! Hudson and I are going to tag along and hang out at the camp with Dana!! I plan on going out and sitting on the stand with Alex too! I am for sure not going to shoot anything! But Ill go scope them out!!

Hudson and I are playing at home today on this rainy day!!! Hope everyone is having a good week!!