Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is going on with our weather?? One day we have on the air conditioner and the next day the heater!! I guess thats Arkansas for ya! It drives me crazy!

We had a wonderful, stress free, relaxing weekend!! Hudson and I rode down to Star City with my mom after I got out of class on Friday and stayed the weekend! Alex had to work Saturday so he came down after he got off! I made sure I had plenty of bottles prepared and Mom and Larry got up with Hudson this weekend so I could try and get some rest! It was great!Saturday Kelley and I had lunch and shopped around town in Monticello! I got a new phone and Im so excited about it! I got a Red Blackberry! I told Kelley I needed a "mom" phone and this seemed like the perfect one! I havent quite figured it all out but Im liking it alot! Then Saturday night Alex and I went on a date :) to the River Restaurant in Monticello with Kelley and her boyfriend which was SO fun! It was nice to get out and see some of our friends! We headed home shortly after dinner because we had Church Sunday morning and Hudson's baby dedication! We had him dedicated at my Church in Star City and he was TOO CUTE! He was wide awake, and looking around while we were at the front of the church! It was sweet! We are going to try and do another dedication at our Church here in Little Rock too though so we can invite all of his grandparents to attend! He had on the most precious outfit too...

I wish you could see it better because it has a little pearl cross on the front of it! It had a bonnet too but you know we had to show off that head full of hair! We tried to get a family picture but Hudson was not too excited about that..

This one is a little better...

Sunday afternoon the church had a baby shower for Hudson. We got lots of diapers and outfits and other cute baby stuff!

Well that is our update! We will be traveling to Texas this weekend to visit Alex's mom and family and to visit Sydni's grave. Her birthday is the 28th. Alex is doing good, and taking it one day at a time. God is amazing and is getting him through this.

Well thats all I know for know.. as usual I have to get to studying while Hudson is napping!!

Hope everyone has a good week!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hudson is already one month old!! I cannot believe it! He is cooing and smiling now and it is so cute!! He just melts my heart! We had a great weekend! Saturday Kelley came up and me, her, and Hudson went to the mall! I got me and Alex both a new pair of jeans! Thats really all I was looking for.. I am waiting until it warms up a little so I can shop for spring and summer clothes! Hudson was so good and just slept in his stroller the whole time! Alex got off work around 3 on Saturday and that night we grilled steaks and shrimp and baked potatoes and rolls for our Valentines Day dinner! We knew that all the restaurants would be packed so we decided to stay home! The food was delicious!! Then Sunday we went to church for the first time with Hudson! He stayed in big church with us and didnt cry once! He slept for a while and then just looked around! Everyone was crazy about him of course :) After church we had lunch with Laken and Vinnie at Granpa's Catfish! I had been hearing good things about the food and it was all true! I liked it alot! Laken and Vinnie just moved out to Bryant so we are excited to have another couple with a child moving out close!! The rest of our Sunday was pretty uneventful.. we did some things around the house, then grilled some chicken for dinner. I had to get in bed early for clinical the next day. I only have 3 more days of clinical left though!! I am so excited about that! And 2 more test! Well I need to get off here and start studying for my next test!! Hope everyone has a great week!!

Keep praying for Alex and his family.. this are going good but it is still tough.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It has been a while since my last post... So much has happened since the start of this new year! Alex and I finally got to meet our beautiful baby boy! Hudson is here!! I delivered on January 16 at 6:06pm after a long day of labor!! Both Alex and I had our entire families there.. and anyone who knows us knows that is a BUNCH of people! After Hudson arrived and we invited the family back, there were over 20 people in the room snapping photos and videoing!! He was such a good sport too! He just looked around and took it all in! He is the first grandchild so we expected this excitement!! After a few days at home it was time for me to go back to school... I had Hudson on a Friday and went back to class the next Thursday.. and had a test that Friday! I had a great recovery so going back was not too bad. It is such a joy having Hudson here, he is such a good baby and we are enjoying parenthood more and more everyday! After seeing a home video of Alex from when he was a baby I have come to realize that Hudson is his clone! They look identical at this age! But Im okay with that..I think his daddy is pretty handsome :)

As our lives have been overflowing with happiness and love for our new child, we have also experienced a devestating tragedy. Alex's sweet 6year old baby sister passed away last Thursday Feb 5th. Sydni was very sick this past summer and stayed at Children's hospital for over a month without much hope of surviving... she pulled through though and we felt so thankful and blessed to have her back. Well last Thursday it seemed like a replay of her illness during the summer. Her legs were hurting, her face was puffy, she just wasn't herself. So she was brought to Children's in an ambulance on Thurs night and she lived through the night and went home to be with Jesus Friday morning. It has been devestating to this family. Sydni was such a blessing to everyone and such a beautiful, sweet, little girl. I dont know anyone whose life she didnt touch. All of mine and Alex's friends just adored her as well. Sydni collected Angels, and now she is an angel watching over us. There is no doubt in my mind that thousands of angels were at heaven's gates to great her on Friday morning and I just know that her smile was so big! Although we are at peace knowing that she is in heaven and in no pain, we still hurt because we miss her so much. Sydni was Alex's #1 little girl! They were so close... she loved her bubba so much! When they were around each other they were inseperable! Her passing has been so hard on him because he misses her so much and will continue to miss her forever. Alex and I believe that God gave Sydni back to us during the summer so she could be the flower girl in our wedding and so she could meet her nephew!We are so thankful that she was able to come down and meet Hudson.

Hudson and his Aunt Syd

Please keep Alex and his family in your prayers. It is going to be a long hard road but we are going to get through this together. One of Alex's friends sent him this quote and I thought it was sweet.."When you come into the world you are crying and everyone around you is smiling, and when you leave the world you are smiling and everyone around you in crying." This is so true. Alex's famliy is so close and has so much love for one another, I know that we will all pull through this together.

I had a test last Friday as well, the day after Sydni's passing. I am so overwhelmed with school right now but I am working my butt off to pass! It has been so hard though with all of the changes we are facing. I have a test every Friday and I am borderline passing right now! So please keep me in your prayers as well. This semester is my last, and toughest, and it has been TEN times harder with a newborn and a death in the family. Prayers will be MUCH appreciated!!