Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Steadily Growing!

We went to the Doctor again yesterday and it was a long visit! I had to do my sugar test and drink that nasty stuff! We did get to do another ultra sound though and wow has he grown! He weighs 2 lbs now! And Dr. Woods measured all his parts and says everything is growing perfect! We got a close up picture of his face too! My mom says he looks like Alex! Ha! I cant get too much from those pictures! So confusing! All I know is he looks precious to me! Since I am 7 months now I will start going every 2 weeks! Dr. Woods gave me my hospital packet and was asking me if I had registered with Baptist to deliver yet! I was like "WOW! This is really happening!" I still havent gotten much bigger but I have a feeling these last couple of months I am going to shoot out!
Kelley and Lindsay came over on Friday afternoon to visit and see the nursery!! They loved it of course! I had not seen Lindsay since the AUGUST so it was good to catch up with her! :) Kelley is pumped because SO FAR, unless we find something cuter, the outfit that she got Hudson is going to be the one he wears home from the hospital! Its baby blue and says "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" with a matching little hat! So cute

Well Alex and I went separate ways this past weekend! He went to Texarkana to pick up a China cabinet that his PaPaw and Memaw gave us! It is so nice! We got so much China for wedding gifts and have had no where to store it! There is a matching dining room table too that we will get on our next visit! I am so excited! I decided not to go with him and went to my mom's instead since I had so much studying to do! So mom and I had a good time just relaxing and chatting! I got some much needed rest for sure! I have been having trouble sleeping and from what I hear its only going to get worse from here on out! :(

Well today was my first day on the floor for Pediatric clinicals! I was actually in the OR though and watched a surgery. I really like Children's Hospital already! Tomorrow I will be on the Burn Unit though... I am pretty nervous about it! I already know that its going to be smelly, and sad! I was exhausted when I got home from getting up and 5 and having a restless night so I took a 3 hour nap!! LOVED IT~

The picture up top is the diaper bag set that Mrs. Cami got me!! I love it! I couldnt have picked out a better one myself! It is so cute!!! And I love how it has his name on it! This poor child is so spoiled! Mrs. Cami sent the diaper bag, a new outfit, and a few other things home with Alex this weekend and my mom sent an outfit, and towel and wash cloth set! LOL Mrs. Cami says she wants to be called "Nana" so we are marking that one down for her, not sure what Keith wants to be! My dad says him and Kara will just be "Grandmother and Granddaddy", Dana and Marty have not decided on their names yet and my mom cannot decide either! Larry knows he wants to be Papaw though! I dont know how Hudson is going to remember all of this! HA!

Well this weekend we are going to see the new Saw 5 movie! ScArY! Alex is so pumped! Friday night we will probably have LOTS of trick or treaters though! We are going to stay in and have ppl over and Im going to make some cute Halloween appetizers I found in a book my mom had!!

*Laura- I cannot post the maternity pics up here because they came in an album where I cannot scan! (kinda hard to explain) But mom has one that I told her to show you so remind her!!

Thats all I know for now!! Gotta start supper, my husband will be home soon!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Week Has Passed!

Wow, I cannot believe its been 27 weeks! Hudson will be here before we know it! Hannah, Amber, and I started painting his room last Thursday so I have been so busy and haven't had time to blog! Me and Hannah finished up the painting Friday night! We are so proud of it! Ha! We think we should probably send it in to a magazine! I had no idea I was capable of such artistic work! LOL In the beginning I wanted to just pay someone to paint it the way I wanted it, but now I am so glad that I participated! It makes me really appreciate it more and feel so excited that I have prepared this perfect little palace for my little prince! Everyone that has come out to see it so far is in love with it too! I will post some pictures soon but I want to get the decorations and all on the wall!!

We ended up not going to the fair Saturday, Alex had to work until 5 and the people we were going with went at 2. But my mom and step dad came up instead so I shopped around with them all day which was much more fun to me than the fair! Ha My mom just got back from Gulf Shores and she brought back the cutest outfits for Hudson! His closet is packed full already! I swear, with four sets of grandparents...he is going to be so rotten!!

Alex's mom and sister and Memaw came by last night, they were in town for a Dr. Appt. and brought some outfits and a big gift basket full of onesies and towels and bath stuff! It is so cute!

Sunday after church Alex and I drove out to Sherwood to his GiGi's house to let her see the wedding pictures... we have to carry those pictures all over the map to get them to all of our family! Ha! Then Sunday night Hannah and Eric and Ava came over and me and Hannah cooked dinner!!

Well I started Pediatrics yesterday and am already nervous...they told us that the class who just finished Pediatrics before us, 40% of them failed!! Thats almost half! Nursing school is so tough! ugh! I can tell there is going to be alot of reading in this class! But hopefully I will learn everything I need to know to raise a healthy baby! Well I dont have class or anything today so I am going to take advantage of this opportunity to study!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

26 Weeks down!!

Yay! I am 26 weeks today! I cannot believe it! The crib and bedding have both come in and I cannot wait to get his room all set up! I am going to try and get it painted this Thursday and Friday! I am going to take his bedding with me to Home Depot and get them to match the paint (this was Alex's idea!) thursday after my final! Yes my FINAL! I cannot believe another class is over! Only 2 more to go and I graduate! We are starting Pediatrics on Monday and I will have clinical's at Arkansas Children's Hospital until December! My last day of clinical's for this class was Monday..I was in the Nursery with the little bitty premie babies! They are so sweet... but I could tell Hudson was jealous because while I was holding other babies he would be kicking up a storm! Ha!

This past weekend Alex and I went to Mena, AR to visit his Dad, Step-Mom, and little brother. We had such a good time! His step mom, Dana, took me to have Maternity Pictures made by a photographer that she knows! I was kind of unsure about it at first because Alex's mom had already asked me about her sister taking some pictures of me and I said no at that time... but now that Im showing alot more I felt like it was something that I could cherish and didnt want to regret not doing it! The pictures turned out so good and I am so excited to get them back! It is such a crazy experience to watch your body change and to know that this little mixture of you and the love of your life is growing in your belly. I cannot imagine anything more perfect. :) I am so excited for him to be here... I think about his arrival all the time! I tell Alex that I hope he loves me as much as I love my momma! Ha!

Well this weekend we are going to the State Fair with a few other couples! I dont ride the rides, well I guess I cant now since Im prego but I usually dont anyways! But Alex does! He will ride anything! So I know he is excited! Im sure I will be wore out at the end of the night from walking around and standing up the whole time though! ugh! Oh well! Im still excited!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It has been a while since my last post...Not too much has happened though! We have decorated our house for fall so I thought I would put some pics up! My input is the pumpkin welcome sign on the door, the two pumpkins by the bench, and the scarecrow sitting on the bench! Alex's contributions are the skeleton hanging from the roof, the spider web on the bushes and the skull head lights stuck in the ground by the sidewalk! Ha!

This past weekend Alex and I stayed in Friday night because I had to study and we rented a couple of movies! Then Saturday he had to work and I went up to the library to type a research paper! Saturday night we met Vinnie and Laken at the mall in NLR and did a little shopping! Laken had some coupons to Gymboree (a kids store) and she offered me one so we picked out some cute outfits for little Hudson! Afterwards we all went and ate at Olive Garden..we had a giftcard to there also that my Grandparents had given Alex for his bday!! So we got lucky that night! After dinner Vinnie and Alex went to the Looney Bin Comedy Club and Laken and I hung out at her house! We had a good time!

Then it was back to school and work! My Great-Grandma Hollinger has been real sick since last Friday and on Monday morning she passed away... She would have been 90 years old at the end of this month so she had a long lived life! We were all at peace with her leaving because we were prepared and we know that she was prepared for it. It's still always sad losing someone that you love though :( I drove down to Monticello Tuesday after class... the visitation was at 6 and then we ate lots of food that people brought over to my Grandparents... I stayed down tuesday night then picked up my little cousin Abby from school on Wednesday and went to the funeral at 2. Even though it was a sad time I really enjoyed spending time with my family! I dont get to see them nearly enough living in LR so when we are all together it makes me happy :) Alex didnt get to come because he had to work Wednesday so that was the only downfall! I missed my husband!! I got to see Kelley too though... she came over to my grandparents to visit for a little while..she is such a good friend :) I got back late last night and had class this morning!

My mom came up today to get her hair done so when I got out of class we went to lunch and to get manicure's and pedicure's! She is leaving for Gulf Shores tomorrow so she is getting all primped!! Laken and Vinnie passed me as I was walking the loooonnnggggg mile to my car at school so after talking to them and realizing they were heading to lunch too we decided to all go togeth! So that was nice! Well that is all I can think of for now!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1st

I am having drama picking out my nursery furniture! I found the perfect crib and dresser set that I wanted in a JCPENNYs magazine! Well...when we go online to order and check prices...They no longer offer it in the color that I wanted! So that just threw me completely off! So I have been searching all morning for a new favrorite.. its so hard bc I want it to be perfect! So these are the two that I have narrowed it down to! What do yall think? I cannot wait to get his room all set up! I go in there all the time and look around ha but all he has is clothes and shoes so far!! I cannot believe it has already been 6 months! It is flying by.. he will be here so soon!

I am babysitting my friend Hannah's little girl, Ava Rose, this morning! Hannah has lab on Wednesday morning so I have volunteered to babysit! It is good practice for me and plus I am hoping Hannah will return the favor for me very soon :) She is so good too so its fun! She is 3 1/2 months now so she just laughs and goo's and gaa's ... so cute! Nothing like a little boy though!

Oh yeah... Alex and I had another crazy event yesterday morning! I swear something is going on! LOL Well we had just gotten the news the day before about not having to pay to have his truck fixed and that Ford was going to re-emberse us for the towing charges which was a huge blessing...well we get up yesterday morning and the REFRIDGERATOR ISN'T WORKING!! WHY!! Well luckily... we have another refridgerator and freezer in the garage so we just moved everything out there!! So nothing ruined! I swear its always something...but never anything that we can't handle. God is good to us! Well Im going to feed Ava some cereal and probably study all day!

Have a good day!!