Thursday, May 28, 2009


We have really been LOVING this warm weather!! Most days when Hudson takes his afternoon nap, I slip on my bathing suit and lay out on the deck for an hour!! Lindsays wedding is next weekend and I have NO time to go to the tanning bed so Im trying to get some sort of summer glow! Me and Hudson went over to Kelley's aunt's pool the other day with Kelley, Hannah, and Ava though! That was a fun experience! The water was still pretty cold so Hudson played with some toyed under a shade tree instead! I do have a picture of him with his swimsuit and all on though!

We had Lindsays Bachelorette Party this past Saturday! It was alot of fun! First time I have been out in over a year! We went to Riverfest and to the Rivermarket and then all stayed at my house! It was fun to hang out with all my high school buds like old times!

Hudson finally had his first pictures made! I feel horrible but I was just so busy with school and all that I couldnt schedule them in until now! But I think that he is at a great age for pictures! He did so good! He was in a great mood and smiled throughout the whole thing! We have some really good pictures to choose from! I dont know how Im going to decide!!

I am looking forward to us having a free weekend! We have no plans at all so we can relax and spend some family time!

Hope everyone has a good week!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

College Graduate!!

WOO HOO!!! I am now officially a College Grad!Dana took alot of pictures for me so I dont have many from graduation... It has been a while since my last post because I have been SO busy finishing up this semester! I took my final test and passed, thanks to everyones wonderful prayers and encouragement! It was a TOUGH semester for me, Alex and I have had a crazy year so far, so I am so thankful that we got through this semester and now I can enjoy my sweet baby boy! Now it is time to apply for some jobs!

Graduation was at 3:00 on Saturday, my family and Alex's family came to LR to celebrate with us! Graduation was quick to my suprise and we all headed to Cantina Laredo to eat dinner! I had such a great time and was I was so glad that everyone was there. Alex's dad and Dana stayed the night Saturday and we had planned on going out with some of my friends from class, until I realized I left my purse in my mom's car with my ID in it! So we obviously couldnt go downtown then! Maybe it was a sign! So instead we went over to visit Kelley and her Grandmother who is really having a hard time since her Poppa died last month... we listened to some Joe Cocker music with her! Ha! Alex and I decided we were glad we didnt go downtown because Sunday we got up early and after his Dad and Dana headed home we worked in the yard! We took Hudson's play thingy outside and sat him in the shade (with a hat and sunscreen on of course) and he LOVED it! All the neighborhood kids were outside because our neighbors just got a basketball goal, so he watched the kids play! Laken, Vinnie, Oakley, and my friend Kelley all came over last night and we grilled burgers!

This coming weekend is Lindsay's bachelorette party, we are going to all stay at my house so we dont have to spend money on a hotel! Im not sure what the plans are but I know we are going to Riverfest! Im excited about having a girls night! Mom is going to keep Hudson and get some pictures made of him by a girl in Monticello! I was so busy with school that we havent had his pics made yet, so Im excited about that! I think this is a good age because he is smiling and holding his head up good now! He can roll over from belly to back but cant go from back to belly yet! I know its coming any day now though!

I am so pumped about the Bachelorette starting tonight!!! And I cannot wait for the results of American Idol on Wednesday, I just have a feeling Kris is going to win!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!! If this weather stays warm I am going to be laying out :)