Sunday, November 23, 2008

**i LoVe My FrIeNdS**

Alex headed back to the deer camp Saturday afternoon when he got off work! When I talked to him this morning he still hadn't seen the perfect buck so hopefully he had some more luck this evening! We are keeping our fingers crossed! My mom came up yesterday afternoon and stayed the night with me but I am all alone tonight :( Hannah said I could come stay with her so I may head over there if I get scared alone! Ha

Well Saturday my friends Hannah, Beth, and Amber hosted a baby shower for me!! It was so much fun! I was so excited just to see everyone because we have all been so busy with school and some people with work that we dont get to see each other as often as we used to! They had tons of yummy food prepared and the cutest cake ever!!! Not to mention it was delicious!

Everything was in browns and blues since those are the colors of his nursery! We played a game that was so funny....they melted different chocolate candy bars and put them in diapers (to look like poo) and we had to pass the diapers around and sniff them to guess the candy bar! HA! It was actually kind of hard but it was hilarious!
Most of my friends who were invited were able to make it which made me happy! I didnt get many pictures with my camera but I know other people took more so I will add more later! Well I dont have class all next week!! I am so excited! Me and mom finished up most of the nursery decorations while she was up here so I dont know what I am going to do with myself all week! Maybe wrap some Christmas presents :) Thursday we are going to Monticello and Star City for Thanksgiving with my family and then Friday we are heading to Texarkana for the weekend! Well thats all I know for now! Hannah just called and Im going to head over for a sleepover with her!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


No deer meat yet in this house!! Alex had a great time roughing it at the deer camp with his dad and brother and I enjoyed my weekend in Monticello/Star City with my mom! Friday night I drove down and picked up Kelley and we went and ate at Cowboys and Lacey and Amanda were working! After we ate we went to the Monticello High School football game! Kelley is obsessed with football! LOL Plus my sister Jordyn is a cheerleader so I got to watch her too! It started to sprinkle and was so cold so we left after half time!! Larry stayed overnight in the hospital Friday night because he was having chest tightness and difficulty breathing and the Dr wanted to run some tests and monitor him overnight. So i slept with mom and our 3 dogs! The doctors think that he may have some asthmatic symptoms! It makes since though, he works on a farm around all that dust and chemicals and allergens! The Dr prescribed him an inhaler and some steriods and so far the treatment has brought improvement! Saturday I got some studying done and headed back home Sunday night to see my much missed husband!

This has been a busy week just like all the others! I have a big test coming up on Friday so I have been hitting the books all week! My clinicals this week are at Easter Seals which is a non profit organization for disabled kids. It has been such a rewarding experience! I first assumed that it would be a Nursing Home type play but it is so much more. They take in disabled children and help promote independence. Its more of a rehabilitation center, they have school for the school age children, physical therapy, and for those from ages 18-21 they have a work force. The nurses were amazing too. We will be out all next week for Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to that break!! Then we will just go back for one more week and be finished with this semester! It sure does fly by! THANK GOODNESS!

Alex is heading back to the mountains in Mena this Saturday to hunt again! My baby shower is this weekend so I am staying home! My mom is going to come up and stay with me! I am so excited about my shower! I feel like I havent seen anyone in forever because I have been so busy with school! Well thats all I know for now! Gotta get back to the books!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well I told yall I had maternity pictures made but the ones that I ordered came in an album... its not individual pictures though to where I can scan them onto my computer and upload them!! Iv had lots of ppl asking me about them though so I went ghetto and took pictures of some of them with my camera! LOL So if they dont look great uploaded then get over it! Its the best I can do! I only did a few of them though because of course Im pregnant and I find nothing about my body attractive! Its just something that I did for my husband and I really and so I can remember this awful look! LOL I was 6 months in the pictures so my stomach isn't too big and she had a hard time getting shots to where I actually looked pregnant! I guess thats a good thing though~ Let me know what yall think!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

*Deer Widow*

Well this past weekend Alex and I rode down to Monticello to visit my dad and step mom! Alex had to work Saturday so we didnt get down there until about 4:30 but we ate burgers and visited until around 8:00 then we had to head back so Alex would be able to hunt the next day!! I guess I am going to be a deer widow this year! ha!That is him in the picture above if you couldnt tell! He is planning on going to Mena this weekend too so that he can hunt! His dad hunts off of a lease and they paid for Alex to hunt there too this year so he wants to make sure he gets his moneys worth! Hopefully he will get a big deer!

Mom and Larry are back from Cancun and had a safe and wonderful trip! I am going to go stay with Mom this weekend when Alex goes to Mena so I can get some studying done! My second test is coming up next week and I wont have alot of time to study this week because I have clinical Tues, Wed, and Thurs of this week so that we are able to be off the week of Thanksgiving!

So tomorrow I go back to the Doctor for a check up, no ultra sound or anything special though. I will be 30 weeks! :) Dad and Kara have agreed to come up to our house for Christmas since I wont be able to travel and since Ryan lives up here too he can come! So I am excited about that. Hopefully Grandmother will be able to come too so we wont have to miss her either... She is getting old. Well its about time for me to start cooking supper!!

Hope everyone has a good week!

** I put Ella's Halloween picture up! She wore a pumpkin shirt for the trick or treaters! LOL

Monday, November 3, 2008


I guess its time we take our spooky Halloween decorations down now :( We will leave up our fall ones though! We had lots of trick or treaters just like we expected! We also got to meet all of our neighbors too so it was fun! Some of the costumes were so cute! I look forward to dressing Hudson up next year! We actually didn't run out of candy this year either! We had tons! Ryan and Dawson came out to hang out with us too! I made some Halloween treats, wish I would have taking a picture of them to put up! They were cute!

Saturday night Alex and I went to dinner at On the Border and then to see the movie Saw V! It was good but not what I expected! I thought it would have been better! But i guess once you get to the 5th one what can you expect! Sunday morning we went to Church and afterwards Alex went to Ryan's to play golf with him and Vinnie and I had to study all day! :( This morning was my first test in Pediatrics... it was a 2 hour test and extremely hard. We only have 3 tests this semester so it is crucial that you do good on every test, just one mistake can cost you the class! Its so stressful! I am so ready for Christmas break!

Mom and Larry are in Cancun this week so keep them in your prayers! I always get nervous about ppl traveling so far away! This Friday Kelley is coming up and we are going shopping at Holiday House! Im excited because Iv always heard about it but I havent been! I have already started Christmas shopping too since we have so many ppl to buy for!! I know Christmas is going to be hard this year because I will be in my final month of pregnancy and will be unable to travel very far, if Im even able to travel at all which makes me sad because Alex and I dont get to see our families near as much as we want to as it is so missing a holiday is hard! Hopefully they will come see us (hint hint!) LOL Well since I have a break today I am going to try and get our china put up and into the china cabinet! Woo Hoo!