Saturday, March 6, 2010

PrAyErS NeEdEd!!

Ok Blogger Buddies, I need yalls prayers!!

There is SO MUCH going on with my family right now that I had to post a Blog about it because Facebook doesnt have enough space!

First of all, I am in the middle of changing jobs! We are moving to Monticello and I have accepted a job at Drew Memorial. Well at the moment I am working 2 jobs! STRESSFUL! I start at Drew Memorial on Monday and finish up at Saline on Saturday! So next week I will be working five 12hour shifts! (Exhausting!) Not to mention I will be driving back and for from Monticello to Benton! (gas money)

SOOO Hudson doesnt go to Daycare yet, he is too spoiled. Well at the moment... ALL of my babysitters are unavailable! Here is the list and their drama's...

*My Mom- my stepdad went into the hospital in Monticello with chestpain and difficulty breathing. Well Dr. Simon sent him to LR Baptist Hospital to have a heart cath done 2 Fridays ago!. Heart cath came back perfect... THEN he started spiking this crazy high temp! 103~which is really high for an adult to run! So they did blood work, urine samples, brain scans, mri's, chest xrays..etc.! Couldnt figure out what was going on! Finally...last Friday (yesterday) A lung specialist came in and said they noticed some areas on his lungs on his PET Scan. So they think he has a fungal infection in his is common for Farmer's to get. So they are 99% sure this is what it is. Yay its treatable! Well, they want to do a biopsy first and then start treatment... well they want to do the biopsy Monday! WHYYYY!!! Can we please just do it now!! So we are being patient and waiting until lastnight Larry was unable to get enough oxygen and his O2 levels began to drop! So now he is in the ICU with a 100% nonrebreather oxygen mask on! It is a good thing he is there because they can monitor him more closely but my mom is terrified! And she cant be with him at all times now! He is still doing about the same today... Im just wanting this Pulmonary Dr to get with it! I dont care if its the weekend or not! So please keep them in your prayers!!

OK, so next person..

*Alex's StepMom- She is my other main babysitter, well she tore something in her knee and had to have knee surgery! AHH!! SO she cant keep up with a wild toddler!!

*My Grandmommie- She keeps Hudson alot for me too! Well her MOTHER! Yes my Great Grandmother is still alive... Is in the hospital in Pine Bluff with Pneumonia! Grandmommie has not left her side! She stays at the Hospital 24/7!

*Alex and I both have to work! I have called in a couple days and so has he!

It has been so crazy! Also, Jarrod and Jordyn's(Larrys kids) Grandpa was taken to Pine Bluff hospital today by ambulance! Im not sure what is wrong with him yet!!

And to top it all off...HUDSON HAS THE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say we have alot of drama coming in. Please keep my family in your prayers! We know God is in control...and the power of prayer is so amazing!