Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well we have already started celebrating Christmas!! Wednesday night we went to eat at Copeland's with Alexs Aunt Angie! Since the weather had been so yucky Monday and Tuesday I had been cooped up in the house so I was excited to get out!Copelands is a great restaurant, they have wonderful food and they have a small jazz band that plays while you eat! They are famous for their Cheesecake so we all had to have a piece for desert!! Well Angie brought two huge bags full of presents into the restaurant and had us open them! Alex was a little embarrassed about it but I was excited! We both loved the gifts that she got for us... my favorite gift was a necklace with a pendant that has a little boy carved into it and Hudson written under the little boy! I thought it was so sweet and showed that she put alot of thought into it! I have been wearing it everywhere and have received numerous compliments!

Thursday night our friends Laken and Vinnie came out to FINALLY see our house!! They brought us a gift for Hudson which was a sling that you can wrap around you and carry the baby in! Its really cute and has a few different positions you can use it! I am excited about trying it out! They also got him a little hat which Alex loved of course! Then we all went to eat at Cracker Barrell! It was packed and I ordered something new which was a mistake on my part because I didnt like it! So other than that we had a fun night!

I have been having trouble sleeping because I am unable to get comfortable at this stage! And when I cant sleep Alex cant sleep, or so he says! Thursday night was a restless night so Friday we were both exhausted! My hands and feet are starting to get swollen and Im just not too comfortable anymore! But I hate to complain because I have had such a perfect pregnancy so far! Mom called me Friday morning and wanted me to meet her in Pine Bluff for lunch where she had some appraisals to do. So I headed that way! We ate at Chilis and went to WalMart then I headed back to LR! Alex and I ordered a pizza and rented a couple of movies and just layed low last night!

When Alex gets off today we are heading to Mena to celebrate Christmas with Alexs dads family! Hopefully the weather stays clear because we will be up in the mountains!! Well Im sure it will be a while until my next post! We have a busy week ahead of us!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Times a Comin!

Alex didnt have to work this weekend which was nice! I cant remember the last weekend he had off and he didnt have plans or go out of town! I know he enjoyed being able to sleep in and just relax!! He works so hard and I am so proud of him! He was blessed with a nice Christmas Bonus from Lander's too so that was very exciting for us! He has been taking an online class that Lander's set him up with where he has to complete a certain number of readings and tests.. he only has one more test to complete and they will send him to Dallas to take the final class and test that lasts 3 days and he will be Certified to work on Toyota vehicles! Which also means his pay with increase! I am hoping they will send him to Dallas at the end of Jan or first of Feb so that I can go too!!

Friday night we went bowling at Professor Bowl with Ryan, Dawson, Amber and Jason! I didnt bowl of course but it was still entertaining watching everyone else! We all had a really good time.. I have a few pictures but I didnt take many! Here are a couple of action shots! Ryan is on the left and Alex on the right!

We got the rest of our Christmas shopping done on Saturday and I finished all the wrapping! We have so many presents that they will not fit under the tree! I love shopping and buying gifts for other people! So we are ready for Christmas!! Our Christmas Celebration begins next week too so its a good thing! Thursday we are going to dinner at Copelands with Alex's aunt and exchanging gifts with her then we are heading to Mena for the weekend to do Christmas with his dad! Then the next week we are going to my Moms on Tuesday night, Texarkana on Christmas day and my Dads family is coming up the Saturday after Christmas! So we have lots of places to be and lots of presents to open :) !! This morning was the Christmas Service at Church and it was sooo good! The choir was amazing and the message was rewarding too! After church we came home and ate some lunch then we went to Benton and picked out our Christmas presents to each other! We set a limit and just let each other pick something out! Its easier that way! I picked out a pair of black boots and black flats from Shoe Carnival and Alex got some sweat pants at Old Navy and 2 shirts and a movie at Target! We decided we would go ahead and give them to each other since we will not be home on Christmas Day anyways! I have been looking everywhere for some boots that I like and FINALLY found some today! Shoe Carnival has reasonable prices and they had the buy one get one half off deal going too so I got to pick out another pair! We have been relaxing at the house on this rainy day! Well, I have.. Alex cleaned out the garage! But now we are getting ready to cook some ribs and watch movies! I am mailing our Christmas Cards out on Monday so be checking your mailbox :) I have washed all of Hudson's things and his room is all organized and ready for his arrival... I know we are going to be very busy the next couple of weeks with Christmas stuff and he will be here soon after hopefully! I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions alot and its not pleasant! Well thats all I know for now!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

BuSy WeEkEnD!

Well we had a busy, busy weekend!!! Friday night we went out to eat for Ryan's birthday with some friends at Gauchos! It was so yummy and we had a good time! Here are some pics from Gauchos...

Saturday I drove to Monticello for the baby shower that Kelley and some of my highschool friends were hosting for me! Alex had to work... I had so much fun and got so much cute stuff!! It was fun hanging out with everyone and telling old stories!! We are hardly ever all together at the same time!! Here are some pics from the shower!

The Hostess' were Kelley Rasco, Lacey King, Skye Atkins, and Lindsay Shue.. they got the white toy box and had Hudson's name painted on the top of it and filled it with toys and other goodies!! Kandace got him the UGGs which I think are sooo cute! He got alot of good gifts!!

The dresser has FINALLY come in too so here are some pics of his fabulous nursery!!!!!

I am so proud of his nursery!! It is so cute to me! All we need now is him! :) I am going to the Dr again tomorrow and will be 34weeks! It is almost time! My stomach is hard as a rock!! I feel like its about to pop! I have been pouring bottles of lotion and oils on my stomach to prevent stretch marks!! LOL Luckily I haven't gotten one..YET! Well Saturday after I got back to LR from my shower and Alex got off work we headed to Texarkana to his moms house for his little brothers bday party that was on Sunday! He just turned one and is walking and so cute! He had his own little bday cake that he tore into! We had a good time visiting with his family but had to head back Sunday night because I had a test this morning :( My final is Wednesday and I will be out until January 12th! I am so pumped!! Well thats all I know for now!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It has been a while since my last post because I have been super busy!! We had a great Thanksgiving... Thursday we had lunch with my dads family and supper with my moms. It was good to see everyone and Alex and Ryan and Jarrod all went hunting! Still no luck for Alex though :( I had the whole week off for Thanksgiving break but kept myself busy... we put the tree up...and I made a special gift for all of our family members for Christmas (cant tell what it is though because I know they all read this!) Of course I went shopping on Black Friday! We have all of our shopping done except for maybe 3 people so I wrapped some presents too! Alex put up some Christmas lights outside and we have a cute light up reindeer in our yard! Ill have to take a picture when it gets dark and post it! Its cute! All of our neighbors have put lots of decorations up too! We have a very festive neighborhood! We had planned on going to Texarkana Saturday when Alex got off work but his mom wanted us to wait and come this weekend because its his little brothers 1st bday! Plus I was feeling sick all friday and saturday... I think I overworked myself that week I had off!
This is our pretty tree and fireplace! It looks much better in person and when lit up! I cannot believe it is already December! Christmas will be here before we know it! Then little Hudson! His dresser is supposed to come in Monday, hopefully, it has been backordered twice so far! Other than that his room is pretty much ready for him! I have been washing his clothes and getting things ready! Alex and I are getting more and more excited each day.
Saturday I am going to Monticello for a baby shower my friends are throwing for me! Im excited about seeing everyone! Then we are heading to Texarkana afterward! Going to be alot of driving..blah. I finished my last day of Clinical for this semester today!! WOO HOO!! And tomorrow is our last day of class! I am so excited! It has definately not been as easy being 8 months pregnant and I am proud of myself for staying strong and sticking with it! I know next semester wont be the easiest but I know I can do it. Especially with the wonderful support I have from Alex. I have already made my schedule for next semester and I have clinicals on Mondays and Alex is going to start taking Mondays off instead of Saturdays so he will keep Hudson while Im at clinical. Then I have Tuesday and Wednesday free and Class on Thurs and Fri from 12-3! So mom is going to drive up and keep him while Im in class! It is going to work out great I think. I will have Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun and half of Thurs and Fri to spend with Hudson! That is the ONE good thing about Nursing School..class is only 2 days a week and then one day clinical! Anyways...... Im about to start studying for my final!!