Monday, September 29, 2008


Alex and I went to Star City for the weekend to visit my parents... My mom, Alex, and my Grandmommie all have September birthdays so we all went out to eat at Layne's Steakhouse Saturday night!! Yummy! We had a good time visiting and went to church Sunday morning then had to head back to LR soon after because he had work at 8 this morning and I had clinical's at 6:30!
In my previous blog I talked about Alex's truck being messed we have been carpooling since Friday! Well luckily I have great friends and Amber Clark also has clinicals at the hospital right beside mine early this morning so I was able to ride down there with her and not wake up Alex at 530! He did have to pick me up at 6 this evening though! But we got some great news... whatever was wrong with his truck (he told me but it went right over my head) was recalled so we didnt have to pay a dime! So that was VERY exciting! So we wont be carpooling anymore!

I had a good day at clinical's though! It starts so early and lasts so long but it gives me the opportunity to do alot and get alot more experience! I got to give shots, do glucose checks, start IVs, and draw blood! So it was a busy day still! And since I was on Postpartum I got to take care of lots of mommys and see their little bitty babies! It sure makes me excited about little Hudson!

Alex has decided that since he has lived in Arkansas for over 3 years now that he is converting from a Texas Longhorn fan to a Arkansas Razorback fan! So my mom got him a razorback shirt with his bday gift and a little razorback onesie for Hudson! Its so cute! He has been kicking and moving around in my stomach so much today! He is getting bigger and bigger! I can just feel it!

Well thats about all I know for today! I am exhausted of course from my busy day.. so I am going to relax! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hudson's Room!

This is the bedding that Alex and I have decided on to do for Hudson Michael's room!! I just thought everyone would like to see it!! Let me know what you all think!!

Another Busy Day!

Well...when I said this blog would have some drama I must have jinxed myself! Because yesterday was no more less dramatic than Tuesday!!

I dont have class or clinical's on Wednesdays so its my free day to relax and catch up on laundry and things! Well Dawson and I had been studying when my mother in law called... Alexs little sister, Sydni, has been a sick little girl for a while now and we, along with the Doctors are still unsure as to why?! So they were in town going to a Doctor's appt at Childrens to have an MRI done. Well his 14 year old sister, Sutton, was also with them and she needed to get a dress for her Homecoming Dance coming up friday! So when Cami asked me to take her I was excited because I knew this would be a good opportunity for Sutton and I to spend some time together and bond :) So I picked her up and we went shopping for a dress and shoes! When Alex got off work he met us at the mall until we finished shopping! So we finally get the perfect dress and shoes and decide to head to the house and wait for Cami and Sydni to get done and we get in our separate vehicles and Alex calls to say his truck won't start!! UGH! WHY!! So we pull over by him and decide to call a tow truck and have it towed to his work. Thank goodness he works at a Car Dealership so we are hoping they will be able to figure it out and fix it! My husband is so handy and great with vehicles so I know he will figure it out!! So by 7pm I am STARVING and tired so we finally get home and I cooked supper!

I had to take Alex to work this morning at 8 which wasnt bad since I have class at i was just a little early today! Alex says they still havent figured out what is wrong with his truck! But we are keeping our fingers crossed!!

We are going South this weekend to Star City/Monticello to visit my family!! I have not been home since the wedding I dont think! So we are going to visit and go eat at Layne's (yummy) for Alex's and my mom's bdays!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Dramatic lives!

My blog posts are going to be very interesting Im sure because there is always something going on with us!!

Well today is Alex's birthday... so being the wonderful wife that I am...I got up early...made him breakfast (toaster strudel ha ha) and made some of the wonderful coffee his mom gave us and woke him up! Well Ella, our little yorkie who is the love of my life, was a big part in helping me wake him up! She was excited and hyper and jumped and licked him! So needless to say she was very energetic at 6am!

So off to work and school Alex and I go, leaving Ella at home acting the same as the always does.... Well Alex usually goes home for lunch but since its his bday, a friend took him out to eat and I went and ate with a friend after class...

So when I finally get home around 1pm I walk inside and call for Ella, she comes running from our bedroom in the this is unusual because she is normally waiting at the door for me because she hears me open the garage door.... so I make my way through the living room and notice a pile of yellow/brown diarrhea (yes this is going to get nasty so get ready)... so I put Ella outside knowing that she is ill because she does NOT poo in the house! Especially not on Mommy's new carpet! As glance at the couch I see 2 piles of clear/foamy throw up...oh lord.... so I continue down the hall and see another pile of diarrhea and some clear throw up and a random solid terd? Dont know where it came from.... so Im like OMG and calling Alex as I walk into our bedroom (I usually close the bedroom door when we leave but of course this particular day it was left open) well there are 6 piles of diarrhea in our bedroom and 2 piles of throw up... I am in a panic at this point. I start scrubbing the floors immediately. After I get it all cleaned up and I am putting the resolve under the cabinet in the kitchen I smell a HORRIBLE odor. Yes, my senses are extremely sensitive due to my hormones, so you can only imagine what diarrhea smells like to a pregnant woman. I look behind me and Ella is pooing in the kitchen... So luckily Dawson had just arrived and I scooped Ella up and wrapped her in a towel (just in case she pooed in the car!) and we headed to the Vet!! She never pooed but she did throw up twice at the vet... I was almost in tears... you have no idea how attached I am to this dog... So the vet gave her a shot of Phenergan to stop the Nausea and vomiting and some antacids to relax her tummy... we came straight home and she slept all afternoon!! The Vet said she must have eaten something weird...who knows. She is feeling much better now though...still sleeping but nothing is coming out either end :)

YAY!! Im starting a blog!!

Alot of my friends have starting blogging and I figured that now would be a good time for me to start!! My Husband, Alex, and I recently got married on August 2nd and are expecting a little boy in January!! We have a BIG family who live in all different directions so I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone informed about our crazy lives!!

Alex works at Lander's Toyota and is taking a semester off from school...he waited to late to register and if I don't stay on my toes to make sure he does it...he forgets! What would he do without me :) I am in Nursing School at UALR and expect to graduate in May! I absolutely love everything about Nursing School is not my favorite...but I know I will love the job!

We just bought our first home in Alexander at the end of is more than we could have dreamed of owning at this point in our lives. We are so blessed and we know it! We are very grateful!

I hope you will all check in and see my updates and comment when you can!!

Kristen Harvey