Monday, February 1, 2010


Im copying Kasey's idea of posting her to do list! I also LIVE by my to do list! I make one almost every night before bed! LOL There is so much going on you kind of half to in order to keep up! So here is mine....

To Do List
*Pack Hudson's things.. he is going to Mena for a couple of days since I work Wed, THurs and Fri!
*Wash bed sheets (all other laundry I did today thank goodness)
*Make Dentist appointment to get cavities filled
*Brush my teeth needs to be here I assume from the above lol
*Make Hudson an appointment for his 1 year check up.
*Start dishwasher tonight/ unload in morning
* Get carpet cleaner, ladder, and dolly back from Hannah who borrowed.
* Call insurance about our roof leak.
*Get groceries from WM
*Mail tax info to our accountant
* Find a place to donate this random wheelchair that was left at our house when we bought it! (its in good shape if you know someone who needs one :) )
* Take bag of clothes from cleaning out closet to Salvation Army
* Run the 4runner through a carwash
*Get some stamps

That should keep me pretty busy tomorrow! WHEW!

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Kasey said...

Love your to-do list! sometimes busy women just has to have one!