Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed in Weekend!!

Well, I guess the weather man was right this time! I was doubtful if it was really going to ice over this time since the past few times the news has planned for it, there has been not even a drop of ice on the windshield! Well, they proved me wrong! Hudson and I went to Star City Wednesday night because I had a Dentist appointment Thursday morning in Monticello. We ended up staying the night Thursday night too and by Friday the sleet started! I was too scared to drive that 1 1/2 hour drive back to LR with Hudson. I was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday though! I spoke with my boss on Friday and she said to do whatever I thought was best. So I decided not to risk the drive and stayed in Star City on Friday night too. Alex drove down to Star City Friday and I rode back with him this morning! We ended up leaving Hudson with my mom because we had no idea what the roads would be like and for sure didnt want to get stranded or have a wreck with Hudson in the car. We got back to LR around 4:00 this afternoon. The roads were perfect from Star City to Pine Bluff... once we got into LR is when the roads became slushy and some ice patches. Overall it wasnt THAT bad. But I was definately I was riding with Alex and not driving myself!

So I will be at work for sure in the morning. Alex is going to take me :) Then my mom and Larry are going to bring Hudson back tomorrow and my vehicle as long as the roads are good. I think it is going to warm up to around 37 degrees tomorrow according to the weather man, so they should make it fine. Send a prayer up for them!

Hudson has this new habit of hitting in the face now! He does it in a playful way though that doesnt hurt, and he is laughing the whole time! Its cute, but I know if he was in daycare, it wouldnt be cute! LOL I am so thankful he doesnt have to go to daycare yet! Its good on my pocketbook too :) Well, he had a toy in his hand today when he started into his little "playful" hitting and busted mommys lip! O-M-G it hurt so bad I almost had tears! So now I have a big ol busted lip! He didnt mean to though of course. Hudson's NiNi and PawPaw got him a little recliner for his birthday, they had to order it so we just picked it up in Star City on our trip down there... Its so cute! Its leather, which is awesome because we can clean it easy! It has a little cup holder on it too! Its too cute! The sad thing is... Alex and I are both small enough that we can sit in it! HA!~

I applied to go back to school... boooo. I know if I dont just go ahead and make myself do it then I never will! I will start back in August (if im accepted) at UALR to get my Bachelor's degree in Nursing. ( I have my Associates now) The course is all online and my job will count as my clinical experience. Most hospitals do not have a pay difference in a RN with an Associates or Bachelor's degree. The reason I want to get mine is because there are so many more opportunities in the Nursing Field with your BSN. You can teach, and hold management positions. I definately want to teach clinicals on the side! I think that would be so fun! Also, in 5-10 years I want to get my Nurse Practitioner!

Alex and I are planning some big changes in our life and we are really excited about them! I dont want to disclose any information until we know for sure. We are praying about it right now and trying to let God lead us in our choices. I will share more info when we are more certain! (and no its not another baby, dont worry!) :) Just keep us in your prayers please!

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow and ice! Hudson didnt get out and play in it! He has had a sinus infection for 2 weeks now and we were not even thinking about risking that snot coming back!!

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